Essays on Dees vs. United Rentals North America, Inc Case Study

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The paper "Dees vs. United Rentals North America, Inc. " is a good example of a case study on the law. Ellis Dees in 2006 secured employment at United Rentals in Mississippi, as a service technician. The initial two years of employment were satisfactory. However, in 2009 his performance continuously deteriorated. He marked inappropriate equipment as suitable for rentals. Dees was given four written warnings, and on March 4th, 2010, he received the final warning letter and was fired after six days. Dees filed a complaint at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, illustrating employment discrimination due to his age and race.

Dees filed a suit at the federal district court. United Rentals requested summary judgment, and it was granted. The district court illustrated that United Rentals gave appropriate evidence for termination, which is legitimate and nondiscriminatory (Clarkson 683). RuleThe district court illustrated that Dees produced conclusive allegations of being discriminated against. The termination illustrated that Dees was dismissed for not following the policy of United Rentals in ensuring good working conditions of rental equipment before delivery to customers. ApplicationDees was supposed to illustrate prima facie illustration of discrimination according to age and race.

This is by illustrating four issues. Dees must firstly show that he is part of a protected group. Secondly, he must illustrate competency or qualification for the position. Thirdly, he was subjected to poor employment conditions. Finally, Dees must illustrate negative treatment because of being a member of the protected class (Clarkson 683). ConclusionDees was a member of the legally protected class of the elderly and the minority race of black Americans. But the employer did not illustrate discrimination due to age or race factors.

The termination was due to incompetence at the workplace.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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