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The paper "Iran's Oil Industry Sector Sustainability" is a good example of an essay on business. It is a fact that supplies of energy in Iran are unsustainable like any other nation in the world. The unsustainable power supply and application coupled with undependable and unsecure energy coordination have striking and lasting impacts on the environmental, economic, social, and technological growth of Iran (Mohamedi 2012). The increased share of fossil fuels in power distribution and application has striking economic, social and environmental costs. In addition, Iran's dependence on oil and gas assets makes the energy segment in Iran susceptible and extremely unsecure.

In this study, some features of sustainability are discussed in comparison with the energy consumption in diverse parts of the Iranian economy. The viewpoint has made it apparent that the concepts of sustainable growth and energy allow people to analyze the current condition of sustainability in energy use within Iran. The Iranian economy is profoundly dependent on the productive oil and gas industry. But the challenges of the oil markets and Iran’ s dependence on a solitary resource for largely of its revenue have generated disincentives to expand a more globally and diversified incorporated economy.

As a result, the industry has been a foundation of periodic; however, persistent economic unsteadiness. The concept of sustainability is essential in Iran’ s oil industry sector since oil is the backbone of Iran’ s economy. Iran’ s oil and gas sectors have significant structural challenges that require sustainability interventions.   It is apparent that subsidized costs and an inhabitant’ s number that has twofold since the 1979 uprising has generated excessive demand (Mohamedi 2012). It is evident that supply has been thwarted by underinvestment influenced by financial restrictions, sanctions, and technical shortages. Overview of the topic Sustainability is defined as meeting the necessities of the present with no compromise on the ability of future populations to meet their unique requirements (Maczulak 2010).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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