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"We only encounter the real Shakespeare at the margins of his work - in eccentric works like "Cymbeline" and "The Sonnets". Discuss in relation to Cymbeline, The Sonnets, and one other text you have already studied. Introduction: The light of Shakespearean influence has illuminated the theater scene since mid 1500 to mid 1600 and beyond. For centuries people have been entertained, stimulated and aroused by the Shakespearean dramas and plays and have been touched by the deeper penetration of the sonnets. The wide variety of portrayal in the field of literature which has been contributed by Shakespeare is remarkable in content and dimension.

It is evident form the range of issues addressed in his plays, that his casts reveal a very complex and fascinating life, which is symbol of the extraordinary development in his tragedies and comedies including the sonnets and poems. The deep layers of penetration which is required to understand the situation and the role of the character is very intricate. It is not just few of the selected plays but most of the plays reveal this thin line of eccentricity and hybrid factor in their representation of the situation, issue and performance.

Shakespeare tends to merge historical facts with dramatic situation with the sole purpose of entertaining the audience and causing a stir in the hearts and minds of the audience. The extraordinary characteristics of Shakespeare’s work lies in the hybrid synthesis of extensive knowledge, history and situation to create dramas which would make people laugh and cry. The interesting fact about the plays is that they produce an ideological version of past with the objective to be staged in the present.

They are loaded with information and references made in tragedies of Sophocles, dialogues of Plato and many ancient classics. His work also establishes a firm understanding of the politics of the time be it of Bismarck, King of Denmark of Germany. His eccentricities come from the depth of knowledge and understanding about the state of affairs and behind the scenes stories related to political life of the time. He also had deep knowledge of the legal issues of the time and not just intelligent understanding of the law. He understood the mechanism in details and also the specifics.

His knowledge of the naval and military matters was remarkable and also possessed an intimate understanding of the plants and animals. His range of spread with knowledge is vast and extensive and he uses extreme imagery in his plays to produce dramas and manipulate human emotion. He understood the life of nobility, wizardry and thus is empowered to use eccentric scenes in hybrid combinations to masterfully create an illusion of impact on the audience using words, actions and background for sheer dramatic experience.

He is induced to indulge in eccentricity and hybrid use of literary tools for creating drama and pathos. He merges himself in extreme manner with the audience in providing an experience which is powerful and forceful. It is not just selected works of Shakespeare which reflect the presence of eccentricity and hybrid factor, but in my personal evaluation most of the works of Shakespeare’s are laced with motifs and images which can be categorized as eccentric in nature. The intertwining of the historical elements with the public life and issues make it very hybrid in presentation.

It is the intermingling of the issues which produce the human drama beyond the reach of the senses. The drama is tool for propaganda and demystification of the issues which are aching to resurface on the social and the political scene. The extreme use of the historical and patriarchal factors and the portrayal of contrasting female subversion, create a dynamic drama which is complex and penetrating. This combination is the essence of most of the Shakespearean work. The aristocratic legacy, the banishment, the ghost, the challenge and the female struggle for power, all intertwined in the comedy ‘Cymbeline’, tragedy ‘Hamlet’ and ‘The Sonnets’ in which Shakespeare has poured out his literary genius.

These three specimens of his work will provide an ample reflection and investigation into the discussion of evaluation of the statement that all work of Shakespeare can be said to be a little eccentric and hybrid in nature. It is rather and inherent characteristic of the art of Shakespearean drama.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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