Essays on ISO 27001 And Green IT Assignment

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Table of ContentsNumber range 1-31- Introduction Green IT encompasses schemes as well as plans that decrease the ecological and environmental footprint of new evolving technology. This begins from decrease in energy utilization as well as consumables, incorporating electricity, hardware, paper and fuel among others. For the reason that of these drops, Green IT scheme as well generate cost savings in energy utilization, management, purchases and support, as well to environmental advantages. Further than cost savings and environmental advantages, a number of programs can deal with stakeholders along with regulatory requirements and demands.

For instance, server virtualization permits companies to minimize the capital cost of potential server purchases, as well as the outfitted costs of maintenance, energy and management. Electricity footprints along with the quantity of equipment requiring future reprocessing are concurrently minimized, and frequently, the business realizes motivations or returns for saving energy from local utilities or governments (Bois, 2007; Shelly et al. , 2005; TechTarget, 2007). ISO 27001 covers the entire kinds of businesses (for example non-profit organizations, government agencies, commercial businesses, etc). ISO 27001 states the requirements intended for implementing, establishing, monitoring, operating, maintaining, reviewing and improving a business or corporate documented Information Security Management System inside the framework of the organization's general company risks.

It states necessities intended for the accomplishment of business security controls customized to the requirements of particular organizations or divisions thereof (ISO-1, 2010). This paper presents a detailed analysis of some of the main areas and aspects of the Green IT and ISO 27001. In this scenario this research will present a comprehensive analysis of some of main issues and aspects regarding these two technology areas. Here this research will also assess the main research sources analysis and description.

2- Current explanation and issues regarding Green IT2.1- Advantages and disadvantages2.1.1- Advantages of Green ITHere are some of main advantages of the green IT (ehow, 2010; Tech-Faq, 2010; Baroudi et al. , 2009): Saving MoneyGreen IT based organization is able to save money. The EPA suggested shutting down our computer if it will be stopped for more than a day. This can lead to high level advantages of cost saving. Cost EffectivenessThe open cost of going green is able to be steep.

Solar cells have turned out to be more proficient over the last 20 years. In this scenario green IT solutions have offered more enhanced cost effectiveness. Market SizeA fresh research has outlined by the Harvard Business Review stated that technology brands with green IT support truly attract to environment loving customers, and size of such market is increasing day by day. Tax BenefitsThe 2009 federal incentive bill enclosed about $50 billion in funding to encourage clean energy. Along with the encouragements are tax deductions for companies that are able to reduce their building's energy use by 50%.

2.1.2- Disadvantages of Green ITHere are some disadvantages of the green IT (Hamel, 2010; Passion Computing Pty Ltd, 2010): Initial CostsThe main disadvantage of turning business in to green is that it frequently necessitates a great preliminary cost. Open costs present a huge prevention to going green.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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