Essays on Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Coursework

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The paper "Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance" is an outstanding example of coursework on human resources. The human resource office has the responsibility for the implementation and development of affirmative action as well as equal employment opportunities compliance. They are committed to fostering an equitable, friendly as well as a diverse conducive environment where all staff members in a workplace have the ability to achieve work-life balance despite their race, gender, age, faith, medical condition, sexual orientation, and expression. Affirmative action is not a misnomer; rather it can be considered as firm actions that protect human resources at the workplace (Crosby, Iyer, & Sincharoen, 2006). The current state of EEOC regulationsIt is not lawful to discriminate any individual in regards to promotion, transfer, performance, training, wage benefits or any employment privilege due to certain characteristics.

Managers and employers need to adopt the best practices to reduce such instances of employee discrimination as address the challenges facing equal employment opportunities (North-Samardzic & Gregson, 2011). According to the current guidelines employees, should not be discriminated based on their region, race, color, sex or origin. According to the guidelines race, discrimination ought to occur if an individual is subjected to racial jokes, offensive comments, and ethnic slums on the basis of the person's color or race.

The guidelines prohibit sex-based wage discrimination, protect elderly individuals, prohibit discrimination against disabled and qualified persons and in case of any discrimination, advocate for monetary damages charges. It also prohibits the discrimination of employment on the basis of the genetic information on the employee or applicant. The guidelines prohibit medical state, pregnancy and childbirth discrimination (Kenney, 2004). Therefore, employers and managers need to understand and act in regard to the EEOC regulations to enhance equal employment practices.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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