Essays on Factors That Determine the Investment Readiness for Growth of Small Medium Enterprises Coursework

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The paper "Factors That Determine the Investment Readiness for Growth of Small Medium Enterprises" is a great example of finance and accounting coursework.   According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS 2010), Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’ s) are businesses with a capacity of employees between 1 and100. These businesses are independently owned and operated by a single individual or a collective group of individuals. The owners or management of these businesses control 90%-100% of the entire operations as they are the main contributors to part or all of the operating capital. Critical decision-making relating to any aspects of the businesses are made by the management as they control the highest stake of the business. Small-medium enterprises comprise 29.2% (622,832) with an annual growth rate of 3.5% of the entire business service providers in the Australian market (ABS, 2010).

These figures show that enterprises play a key role in the Australian economic sector as they control a relatively huge stake. These enterprises are mostly found in the service industry, and they provide services ranging from construction, retail trade, manufacturing to personal services, health and community services, accommodation and restaurants among others.

According to Peacock (2004 p. 8-15), SME’ s contribute to most of the regional development estimated at 39% as most of the enterprises operate in regional Australia. These industries enhance the economy by creating more opportunities for women with one-thirds of the businesses being operated and managed by women. As much as SME’ s have been recognized for contributing largely to the growth and sustainability of the economy, these enterprises are constantly faced with difficulties as compared to large companies when sourcing for increased funds to either start or develop their businesses further.

This situation has been experienced due to the growth of several bottlenecks that limit their financing. This study, therefore, seeks to identify and examine the factors that determine the investment readiness of growth of small-medium enterprises through the integration of changes that could be undertaken by the Australian government and the finance sector to overcome problems faced by the enterprises in acquiring investment capital for growth.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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