Essays on Quality Issues Which WM Pressing Is Facing Case Study

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The paper "Quality Issues Which WM Pressing Is Facing" is a great example of a business case study.   The report looks to address the different quality issues which WM Pressing is facing. The report at the forefront presents the difference between data and information with regard to different data being provided in the case. This is then followed by the different sources through which information can be gathered about quality checks and issues. The report then addresses the key findings and areas which needs to be addressed and would thereby help the organization to work on areas through which operational activities can be improved. Difference between data and information based on Pressing Case Data and information and interlinked to one another but have differences among itself.

Data is raw data which has not been processed and analyzed and doesn’ t provide any useful information to the users. Decisions based on raw data are usually ineffective because it is just the culmination of raw data which doesn’ t provide the user with any help. Information, on the other hand, is processed data which has been analyzed and provides information pertaining to different fact and related measures.

Decisions taken based on information is helpful as it helps the user to evaluate the different measures and based on it useful information is being taken. WM Pressing presents a case which highlights the differences between data and information. The case highlights issues related to the quality issue from customers which has been compiled and presented in a table form. The table hardly provides any useful information apart from the fact that quality issues were raised by different customers. It doesn’ t provide information regarding the manufacturers whose products are facing the quality issue, the pressing units which are highlighting quality issues which thereby makes the table to be data.

A more breakdown of the data into different tables which highlights the manufacturers who are producing low-quality products, the manner in which customer complaints have been dealt, the pressing units which are causing problems will help to make useful decisions. Thus, having raw data compiled in a better form which provides the user with the opportunity to take important decisions will ensure that business processing information will improve and would thereby enable to take better decisions. Further, the table which has been compiled doesn’ t provide any useful information as it is a mere gathering of numbers which thereby makes the table to be data.

Acquiring information from different floor managers and employees helps to convert data into information so that better decisions can be taken. Gathering information from different people helps to ensure that the raw data is given compiled and formulated by giving shape so that useful decisions can be taken based on it.

This thereby ensures that the overall value of data is improved and helps to take useful decisions. Thus, there exist wide differences between data and information which has been highlighted in the WM Pressing case. This helps to improve the overall value of taking decisions and ensures that people using information are better placed to take decisions. Data, when converted and, compiled will help to ensure that raw data is converted into information which will thereby ensure that decisions based on it are sounder and better. The overall value and relevance of decisions will improve and would thereby result in effective business processing.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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