Essays on Review of Types of Security Threats and Software Tools Designed to Protect Computer Article

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The paper "Review of Types of Security Threats and Software Tools Designed to Protect Computer" is a perfect example of a finance and accounting article. In order to design the security of a system, it is necessary to understand the types of threats and attacks that can be mounted against a computer system, and how these threats may manifest themselves. It is also important to understand the threats and their sources from the viewpoint of identifying other data sources by which the threat may be recognized. To assist the reader, the following definitions are used in this paper: Threat: The potential possibility of a deliberate unauthorized attempt to: a) access information b) manipulate information c) render a system unreliable or unusable Risk: Accidental and unpredictable exposure of information, or violation of operations integrity due to malfunction of hardware or incomplete or incorrect software design. Vulnerability: A known or suspected flow in the hardware or software design or operation of a system exposes the system to penetration of its information to accidental disclosure. Attack: A specific formulation or execution of a plan to carry out a threat. Penetration: A successful attack; the ability to obtain unauthorized (undetected) access to files and programs or the control state of a computer system. In considering the threat problem, the principal breakdown of threats is on the basis of whether or not an attacker is normally authorized to use the computer system, and whether or not a user of the computer system is authorized to use a particular resource in the system. Penetration In many installations, internal penetration is frequent than external penetrations.

This is true for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the internal penetrator has overcome a major barrier to unauthorized access; that is, the ability to gain use of a machine. Computer systems play such a critical role in business, government, and daily life that organizations must take special steps to protect their Computer systems and to ensure that they are accurate and reliable.

Let's discuss what are the various threats to Computer Systems.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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