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The paper “ IT Leveraging Business Advantage for Managerial Level” is an engrossing example of the essay on management    Competition in the global market has become competitive and calls for measures of attaining a competitive advantage. Innovation was stated by PWC as a key driver for the attainment of competitive advantage. Innovation through technology should be done rapidly and done cost-effectively. In a survey conducted by PWC in 2011, it was stated that most CEOs who expected to experience growth in their companies banked on technology so as to improve their efficiencies and differentiation.

In fact, IT was stated to be a key driver to attaining higher efficiencies and the creation of competitive advantage. The business world is becoming more computerized and one of the best ways of developing a competitive advantage is through thoughtful development of Information Technology (Xantrion, 2014). IT has been used by managers to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of operation. In addition, investment in growth activities that leverage upcoming technologies is one of the ways to attain a competitive advantage. Various IT systems are used for enhancing competitive advantage.

Such systems include the expert system that has so much information on the operation of a business. However, the systems do not replace the existence of managers. Rather, they aid in better decisions making by the managers. Expert systems were developed to increase the abilities of humans in exploiting available knowledge. This knowledge has been in limited supply and the use of the systems helps in better use of the knowledge. Expert systems were developed based on the concept of artificial intelligence, where computer systems are designed and constructed to perform at the level of human intelligence and behavior.

The link of expert systems in enhancing business advantage is obtained from the enhancement of business intelligence. This is because it is a framework that helps the organization in managing to develop and communicating the intangible assets of the company. Expert systems provide an information system that is based on knowledge and is expected to have attributes similar to that of humans so as to replicate the capacity of humans in making ethical decisions (Singh, 2012).

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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