Essays on IT Strategic Plan Assignment

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05, 10, 2010Outline1. Executive Summary2. Purpose for IS strategy3. Overview/summary of business strategya. Internal/External Analysis of Business Objectivesb. Environmental Assessment (SWOT etc. )c. Critical Success Factors4. Business Process and Information Requirementsa. Current systems assessment (findings)i. Examine how the changes will impact on existing business processes(using flow chart created in milestone)b. Business process redesign assessment (findings)i. Argument for new IS/IT opportunities5. Recommendation(s)a. Applicationsb. Datac. Technology infrastructured. IT management process6. IT action plana. Tactical plani. Issues and problems arising from the strategyii. Project implementation Scheduleiii. Outsourcing considerations7. ConclusionExecutive SummaryThis analysis addressees issue related to strategic information system of Perisher Blue Resort.

It seeks to advice the resort on the best implementation strategies that will foster its information technology sector in the short term perspective and the long term perspective. The SWOT analysis provides the fundamentals consideration points of the recommendation necessary for the resort to consider, this analysis therefore provides recommendations on the application, data, technological infrastructure, IT management process and the most suitable IT tactical plan that seeks to establish issues that seeks to establish problems arising from the strategy among other factors. Purpose for IS strategyInformation System implementation is one of the most fundamental requirement for any organization that seeks to enhance its competitive advantage in the market.

The implementation of the IS strategy has the potential of leveraging on the business process implementation and the organizational structure. The major purpose of IS is to manage of information flow and enhancement of communication protocols within and outside an organization. Perisher Blue Resort can take advantage of information system in the course of creating a more reliable and resilient administration system within and outside the resort.

Full implementation of Information System requires that it be aligned with the business process and infrastructure of the organization. Summary of business strategyBusiness strategy in this case is leveraging on Information Technology in order to bridge the market gap and consequently decrease the chances of competitors overtaking the resort in the market. In this case the usage of IS coupled with promotional strategies will aim at creating sustainability in a competitive environment. The SWOT analysis and the environmental consideration are the basis of the creation of the business strategy that seeks to solve the problems of the 21st Century resort issues.

In summary the business strategy seeks to address business process information requirements and the best way of addressing the current problems using business system redesign (Ingman 2002). a. Internal/External Analysis of Business ObjectivesInternal and external factors of a business play a critical role in its success. In essence, the strategic planning of a business venture is usually supported to a large extent by the results of the internal and external factors commonly referred to as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT).

The major business objective is to make profits and also be able to sustain its market niche for as long as possible. In this case of Perisher Blue Resort, the major objectives of the resort are to enhance its strategic placement by leveraging on technology as a means of achieving this objective. The reason for this rationale is to remain relevant in the ever growing market place. Transformation is necessary despite the rigidity that it normally attracts because of the people’s reluctance to change. The SWOT analysis of Perisher Blue Resort shows both these internal and external factors that have the potential to shape the future of the company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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