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Current Problems with Public Education in US The education in the United s faces a myriad of challenges, which make education to be less of an equalizing factor in the society. Poverty among the students is a major factor that has hampered the status of education in the country. While the rich are able to afford any school, the poor have the minimal opportunity to consider schools of their choice. It is also apparent that the rate of classroom disruptions is quite high. This emanates from rising cases of violence in schools.

However, poverty is the major problem in the American education system of the 21st century. Low-income is the source of poverty for a number of Americans today. According to (Strauss 1), the numbers of students of children, from preschool to 12th grade, that benefit from the federal free and subsided feeding have increased exponentially over the years. Children from low-income backgrounds now dominate most of the public schools. Despite the magnitude of the problem, the federal educational policy has not considered poverty to be a major challenge to the education system in the United States.

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