Essays on Shopping, Selecting and Settling for the SportUNE Gym Facilities Case Study

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The paper "Shopping, Selecting and Settling for the SportUNE Gym Facilities" is a perfect example of a business case study.   This paper discusses how various internal factors influenced my decision of shopping, selecting and settling for the SportUNE gym facilities. The paper begins by highlighting the five steps in the consumer decision-making process such as need recognition, information search, and evaluation of alternatives, purchase and post-purchase. The paper further delves into my decision to select the gym facility at this particular place and the extent of my engagement. The internal factors to be discussed in the subsequent sections include; learning and involvement, motivation, personality, attitudes, customer imagery, and perception.

The discussion in the subsequent sections links to the SportUNE gym’ s marketing mix elements such as their marketing strategy (segmentation, targeting and positioning), diffusion of innovations and the decision-making process. Introduction SportUNE is a non-profit organization that is under the control of the University of England which offers services in sports and fitness. Over the years it has remained is one of the best university fitness centers in Australia which has contributed immensely to the enhancement of facilities for academic programs in sports, exercise science and education (SportUNE, n.d).

It was started way back in 1938 and over the years it has blossomed into a state of the art health facility which attracts all kinds of clients from all over Australia. The center has been credited for offering fitness services that have in many ways contributed to the wellbeing of the university fraternity as well as the society at large (SportUNE, n.d). The center provides very well designed programs in sorting, fitness and health. Other services and facilities include the pool, playing fields, climbing walls, courts as well as cafes Finding a gym that meets one's needs and expectations is not an easy job especially if you are a student with so much reading to do and no regular source of income as such.

Again when you are in college fitness may not be a top priority as such. Most students would rather use their free time to have fun in various social places. However, when I was in my first year I noted that I was gaining a lot of weight.

Coming from a middle-class family at least my family could afford regular medical checks. I remember the doctor telling me during one of the visits that I need to do something about it or else I may have to deal with lifestyle diseases in the future. This was an eye-opener to me. Yes, I know some of my family members who suffer from such diseases like hypertension and diabetes. I had witnessed some of them go to the gym but I always thought to myself that when I come of their age then I will join the fitness club Finding the SportUNE GYM According to Blackwell (2001), there are various internal factors specificities and characteristics that usually influence ones buying behaviors.

After the doctor’ s appointment, I needed to shop for a gym facility that would meet my needs and expectations. Many scholars note that some buyers like myself will usually have some factors that will influence their choice of goods and services, These factors may be internal or external. In this paper, I will mainly focus on the internal factors.

According to Bagozzi (2002), some of the internal factors that influence consumer behavior include; ‘ personality and self-concept; consumer perception; consumer learning and involvement; and consumer attitude development and change’ ’ . Most importantly according to Arnold (1991) sometimes the factors that influence the buying decision may change over time. For instance, the family cycle of an individual usually has an impact on his buying choices depending on what stage she or he is. Usually before one settles for a particular commodity like in this case I was looking for a gym; they go through a decision making process.

The process according to Norman et al (1996) has six distinct stages;


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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