Essays on Internal Analysis for Maybelline Case Study

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The paper 'Internal Analysis for Maybelline " is a great example of a management case study.   This paper looks at carrying out an internal analysis for Maybelline which deals in different kind of nail products. The paper will look at providing the different factors which act as a guide in differentiating Maybelline from other players in the market. The paper will look at providing the strength and weakness analysis which will provide the internal strengths and weakness of the organization. Based on it a VRIO analysis will be carried out which will help to find out the manner in which the business differentiates itself from others.

This would thereby provide useful directives and would help to understand the manner in which the working of Maybelline is affected due to those factors. About the organization Maybelline is an American cosmetic player which had started operations in 1915 and over the year has found an international presence. It is America’ s number one brand and has looked towards adding new products and services so that customers are provided with something new. The ability of the business to understand the changing customer need and developing products and services has helped them to grow.

In addition to it, the business has focused on providing products which are chemical-free has improved the market and has provided a completely new avenue for the business to grow. The different factors have thereby contributed towards the growth of Maybelline which can be seen from the internal analysis carried out by analyzing the strengths and weakness of the organization Internal Analysis The internal analysis for Maybelline is being carried out by analyzing the strengths and weakness so that the core competencies with regard to physical, human and organizational resources can be identified.

This would help Maybelline to use those factors and develop strategies so that the long term goals can be achieved. The internal analysis for Maybelline is as follows One of the strengths for Maybelline is that the products which are supplied at Maybelline are exclusive and is not available elsewhere. The products which are supplied are prepared in such a manner that it has no chemicals and care is taken to ensure that the overall product quality is of the highest standard (Kotler and Armstrong, 2002).

Apart from its continuous innovation and development have made it possible to make changes and develop new variants and products which are readily accepted by the people. This has helped to provide a bigger market and has thereby grown the overall market for Maybelline. Secondly, to improve and increase consumer confidence and satisfaction level Maybelline has looked at ensuring that they open stores and exclusive outlets which provides specialized services. The services provided at this outlet are carried out through special types of equipment which has been designed and procured by Maybelline keeping in mind the different business fundamentals.

Specialized services through specialized equipment have helped to create a new market and have provided different opportunities through which overall business productivity has improved. Thirdly, the quality of employee which Maybelline has employed is professional and understands their role and task. The employees have the proper knowledge and know the area they are working on. The employees understand the customer and based on the customer needs and want to design their special services.

This has thereby helped to meet the customer demand in a proper way and has provided an opportunity where the employees can make continuous innovation based on what the customer wants. This has helped to add new products and services and provide customers with an array of different functions to choose from thereby increasing the overall opportunities and chances to be successful.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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