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Mr. /Ms. XXX Hiring Manager XYZ Corporation 29 November Dear Sir/Madam; I would like to bring to your attention the ambiguities of the function of our Account Executive. These ambiguities resulted in the overlap and confusion on what specific function and responsibilities should be carried out by our marketing people. In addition, we are also having difficulty of evaluating performances because their responsibilities are not clearly defined. Such, we would not know how to measure performance according to their responsibilities. Moreover, our Managers are also having hard time monitoring their performance due to their unclear job functions. To solve this issue, I highly recommend that we clearly define the responsibilities of our Account Executives as a separate function from other marketing tasks.

It is also equally important that we define the knowledge and skills required for the position for future reference in hiring. The proposed job function of an Account Executive would be as follows; Job Function 1. Develop and maintain close relationship with the existing clientele and local business community to be able to effectively respond to the client and potential client’s need. 2.

Promote the products and services of our company through public relations effort, convention attendance and trade shows. 3. To familiarize and gain intimate knowledge about the products and services of the company and its applications to better discuss and respond to clients and prospective client’s needs. 4. Telemarket to clients and prospective clients about the products and services and to make sales call that will lead to closing sales. 5. Visit clients and prospective clients to better discuss our products and services. 6. Close sales 7. Meet the necessary the necessary sales quota Qualifications, knowledge and skill requirements Candidates of the position must be a graduate of a four year college course and has related professional sales experience.

Must be able to drive and operate MS Office applications and has good presentation skills. By clearly defining the job function of our Account Executives, we would be able to avoid the previous confusion and overlap of functions which is costly for the company for there may be too many people performing the same function. The clear definition of job functions would also enable us to identify and measure their performances in accordance to the company’s objective.

It would also make it easier for our managers to monitor their performances and apply remedial measures when such performances do not measure up with the company’s goal and objectives. I hope that my analysis and recommended solution will merit your approval for such recommendation to be implemented in the company. Truly yours, Name Position

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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