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The paper "Advantages and Disadvantages of the Interview Method, Job Description of Accountant" is a great example of management coursework.   The job to be analyzed in this report is that of an accountant. An accountant has many duties that pertain to financial records in an organization. The accountant provides crucial financial information that involves reporting, financial auditing, accounting methods and processes and taxation. The accountant described in this context has the main duty of maximizing profitability on behalf of her organization, which is an investment company. Accountants work in many settings, including public offices but the one discussed here works for a private firm. The other duties to this organization that Ms.

Chevonne Izel, our accountant, has included: Provision of financial advice Undertaking audits for the firm, where she elaborates on the financial position of the company Managing the company’ s financial systems and describing a budgeting scheme for the company. The duties described above may also describe the duties of an accountant. Ms. Chevonne Izel has worked for the company for about 5 years, making her job more demanding. Job analysis In order to understand what job analysis is, we need to understand what a job is.

It is a task, or collection of tasks that are to be performed daily (Jha, n.d. ). So, with this knowledge, we can come up with a definition of job analysis. Three definitions are given. Job analysis can be described as the procedure of studying and collecting information that is related to the processes and responsibilities of a given job. The end products of this analysis are ‘ job descriptions’ and ‘ job specifications’ (Jha, n.d. ). It can also be described as a systematic exploration of events within a given job.

It is a technique that is used to outline the duties and responsibilities of the job (Jha, n.d. ). The last definition as Jha (n. d.) puts it, is the process of identifying a job’ s ability requirements that are associated with it. Job analysis is very important to the organization. If done to the optimum, it can ensure productivity and an increase in turnover for the company (Huselid, 1995). According to research by Nyasha (2013), there are several reasons as to why job analysis is important to the Human Resource branch of an organization.

They are namely: Performance appraisal The human resource manager is able to rate the behavior of the employee, in this case, the accountant. The manager can be able to tell if Ms. Izel is doing her work in accordance with the objectives of the company. Is she ethical in her work, for example? The manager can also appraise the outcomes of the behaviors noted above (Dwyer, 2015). Safety and health This is what we call a job safety analysis. It helps in the integration of safety and health factors into a specific job.

The analysis can help identify safety hazards that otherwise could not have been seen. Those participating will have increased job knowledge and communication between the workers and their managers is improved (Ccohs. ca, 2015). For example, if Ms. Izel feels that the environment in which she is working is not safe, then she can raise this to the manager. Accountants generally do not have obvious safety hazards, except maybe when their environment is threatened; for example, a leaking roof can raise a concern and may hinder the progress of the accountant during rainy times.


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