Essays on Job Analysis Basing on Employee from Britain Financial Institution Coursework

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The paper "Job Analysis Basing on Employee from Britain Financial Institution" is a great example of management coursework.   The employee is responsible for providing financial advice to the potential customers; this involves researching and identification of customers, conducting sales and follow up and also providing reports on the sales. He, therefore, has computer knowledge because he has to perform analysis and report presentation of the customer data collected. He has been in the position of a financial adviser for three years and hence he has been able to provide the best for the company.

He gives financial advice to the customers and helps the company to determine the level at which they are able to provide finances to potential customers. Job analysis is the art of determining the job performed by employees by going through their job title and digging more on what the employee does. Job analysis is always performed for purposes such as determining the level of performance, skills, competence and the ability of the person to remain in the company for a long time. Job analysis has been used mostly by companies that aim at promoting their employees or the development of other products that the same employee is able to handle.

It is often believed that an employee will attain their experience upon the job he performs; therefore analyzing their duties will help them to identify various factors that could lead to poor performance, for example, their pay. Job analysis has been used by the human resource manager as a tool to help them in developing various ways of motivating their staff. A competent human resource manager is known for their hard work when it comes to conducting a job analysis because they use an employee job specification to get to know more about the employee and finally develop a means of motivating that particular employee. Job analysis helps the human resource manager in identifying the best candidate to hire during the selection and hiring of new employees.

This is where the human resource manager will be able to identify the aspects they are looking for among the candidates. For example, if the company needs some certain qualifications from the candidates, going through their job analysis will help the manager in selecting the most appropriate for their post.

Job analysis also helps human resource in developing the best method for appraisal and training the employees. This is because the descriptions of the employee will guide the manager in coming up with an appropriate method to train them. fro example the contents of job analysis that describes the employee abilities and education qualifications, this is important for the manager to develop the most effective way of improving their skills. It also helps the managers in determining the best remedy for disciplining their employees.

Sometimes when employees go against the stipulations of job performance, it is upon the managers to determine the best remedy for ensuring that they get disciplined. Having the information on their job will be useful in determining the disciplinary action to be taken.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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