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Job Application Word Count: 750 Summarise your understanding of Aon, and how we feature in the Employee Benefits industry. 
 Aon is a company that seeks to provide legitimate opportunities to help employees maximise their benefits while retaining and curating the investments that they already have. So, there is not only a focus upon continuing the successes clients have had in the past, but also beginning to build on other success stories in the realm of investments. Aon is one of the premier companies that assists individuals with their finances through offering consulting and other services.

In a nutshell, Aon is the kind of company that has the type of goals and high standards of quality which with I align. Explain what attracts you to this role and offer evidence of your suitability, e.g. work experience. 
 Most recently, I’ve been working as an investor on the Dhaka Stock Exchange for the last three years and four months. My primary responsibilities are to analyse the history of stock picks, calculated risks, rumours, news, and statements in order to ensure the financial success and monetary gain of individuals.

In the past, I’ve also done web design for one year up to and including the present, developing, publishing, and managing files in online servers in order to ensure the business’s success through the maintenance of its website. Additionally, I’ve worked two years and four months as an event organiser. What have you done to get the most out of your university experience, including the holidays? My hard skills include: expanding existing IT and technical skills; developing web pages using CSS; utilising applications like Word and Excel; coordinating written communications; preparing and interpreting cash flows and balance sheets in organizational contexts; utilising qualitative and quantitative market research techniques; and analysing situations and developing strategic plans for products and services; and speaking not only English but fluent Bengali.

In addition, I’ve also motivated and inspiring teams of people to ensure high-quality outcomes. I’m in my last year as a candidate for the BA in Marketing Management, and I’ve studied EAP, EFL, statistics, mathematics, and business management intensely. What have you learnt from these experiences and how will they benefit your career?

Life is a competition, and I feel that both my work and university experiences will benefit my career with Aon as a competitive researcher and independent project manager. In addition, I’m an experienced public speaker with a high level of competency in MS Office—and I can work well both independently and with others. Additionally, all of my reports, procedures, and business correspondence consistently reflect professionalism and high standards. I’m a strategic thinker with the intent to become a valuable part of the team at Aon, and I feel your organization would be well-served to onboard me for this position. What do you expect your greatest challenge to be in the next three years?

My greatest challenge within the next three years will be the goal of continuing to build my career and honing my technical skills in order to better serve my employer’s clientele. I’ve been looking for an opportunity such as this position at Aon in order to help me reach that goal.

Setting a good, solid foundation for a successful, lifelong career is what matters to me most right now. That takes precedence over everything. So, I definitely appreciate how Aon strives to guide its customers towards a better financial future. Helping others become more financially secure is my ultimate goal. 
Please describe an example of when you have successfully completed a complex task or project. What was the task, what obstacles did you face, and what was the outcome? One of the most important projects I undertook was part of my coursework.

I was working on a project with a team of people. My primary task was to prepare an effective communications plan. I utilised my knowledge in marketing and communications in order to implement strategies that would facilitate quality project management. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to be a leader and not a follower. I believe I have the potential to become a great manager in the future. I’m positive that my involvement contributed greatly to the positive outcome of the project objectives. Please describe an example of when you have built a successful relationship with a colleague or a customer.

What did you do, why did you do it and what was the outcome? Having had this experience in project management was a great team-building experience with my colleagues at school, an invaluable part of my learning at the university level. I now have a much clearer understanding of independent marketing techniques and their relationship to customers and stakeholders. This, in addition, has bolstered my ability to foster creative interdependence both within myself and within others, in the realms of sales and advertising.

Additionally, I was able to work with some extremely talented people, striving to reach a common goal. Certainly, this enhanced my knowledge of project management, for which I’ll always be grateful. Please provide any other details that may support your application. Aon correctly states that it is a company that finds “innovative, best-in-class solutions help clients make decisions on financial benefit design and provisions that optimise their investment. ”1 I not only have the technical skills necessary for this position, but I also have the creative abilities to find such innovative solutions. WORKS CITED Aon.

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