Essays on Job Exploration Coursework

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Job exploration Job exploration Employee satisfaction is a key factor that determines the success and survival of organizations. Many organizations are working towards reducing the rate of employee turnover. The only way organizations can retain employees is through ensuring they are comfortable at their place of work. To be comfortable, there are various demands made by individual employees depending on the nature of their work. To fight for better working conditions, employees come together to form unions. The organizations have also crafted a human resource management department that works with the worker unions to ensure workers are treated in line with their preferences.

There are common factors that often determine employee satisfaction across all industries. The major factor that determines employee retention is remuneration. Whenever an employee feels that they are not well compensated for their services to the organization, they will always leave for companies that pay according to their expectations. Another factor is the overall conditions at the place of work. An employee may feel mistreated by management or even by their colleagues. The organization culture may be unfavorable to some employees by making them slaves of the seniors.

Other organizational cultures may hinder communication from juniors to seniors or even among the employees. Employees in such organizations may feel isolated and even unwanted as they cannot communicate their grievances to the seniors. Employees can also feel unappreciated when they or their work is taken for granted. Harassment by the management can also lead to employee turnover. When employees are constantly subjected to abuse by management, they start to dislike their place of work. Their productivity is lowered and they eventually leave to a place where they and their work are appreciated.

Another factor revealed by employees is job location. Most employees indicated that they could prefer to exit their current employment if they are transferred to other locations, especially areas of hardship or rural areas.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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