Essays on The Challenge of UAE Universities to Match Student Competencies with Available Jobs Research Proposal

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The paper "The Challenge of UAE Universities to Match Student Competencies with Available Jobs" is an outstanding example of a management research proposal.   Competency refers to an individual’ s ability, which is supported by documents, to undertake a certain relevant and precise function or part of employment (Pukelis, 2006, pp. 79). It also refers to the ability of an individual to solve professional problems in real work. During the education process, an individual develops abilities based on the competencies stipulated in the professional standards and not the competencies. Initially, the higher education system was meant to fulfil two main functions, that is, prepare students for management jobs and to provide necessary resources to carry out research.

Nowadays the priority of universities has changed to preparing students well for future obligations (Cox, 2006, pp. 98). The number of graduates from the university has gone up tremendously with a high number of enrolling for higher education. This translates to an increased number of job seekers in the market and only those with market-oriented competences will be employed. There exists a perception that the success and endurance of a university rest in its ability to successfully market its prime competence by teaching and developing new courses coupled with coming up with quality research work that of great value to the industry.

Through innovativeness, the universities will be in a position to generate research ideas that are purely market centred. Therefore the proposed study seeks to examine the challenge of UAE universities to match competencies with available jobs. Literature review In the past university as an institution in the whole world’ s in the minds of many individuals were looked at as a meet point of various scholars in the different spheres of knowledge.

They share different insights and subject matter about new and existing knowledge. The sharing of this knowledge often involves both the instructors and the students. In the process, the instructors are viewed as the professional with an overwhelmed competencies which they are expected to transfer to their students. The expected responsibility of the instructors has lapsed with them only providing shallow insight into the subject matter. This has lead to the production of half baked graduates who cannot competently fit into the requirements of the job market.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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