Essays on Job Opportunities in Different Organizations Assignment

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The paper 'Job Opportunities in Different Organizations' is a great example of a business assignment. I am trying to apply for a human resource manager job after the completion of my studies. Now I am pursuing my master of business administration studies. I am in the last year of the course work, and human resource management is my major subject. I need to identify different useful channels to identify my ideal Job. First of all, I am securing good marks in my semester, and I have faith in myself that I will do so in the rest of the semesters.

I can get an effective campus placement opportunity if I secure a good percentage throughout my course. Apart from campus placement, I will follow industry magazines to get information about job openings and job opportunities in different organizations. I will subscribe to leading magazines to get that information. I will also consider several leading recruitment agencies and consultancy firms to get an employment opportunity in leading firms. These services will help me to find employment opportunities and get information regarding vacancies in suitable and preferable organizations for my intended job.

Last but not least, I will visit the career section of different organizations’ company websites to know whether there is a current opening or not. I will apply for an HR manager job in the retail organizations based in the UK. My role and responsibility will be to handle HR-related issues and aspects. I will look to take care of the recruitment, selection, interview, training and development, salary distribution, and group dynamics activities. I will motivate subordinates and employees within the organization for the betterment of organizational performance.

I expect a salary of 3000 pounds every month, and I am eager to gain a full-time employment opportunity in the UK's retail firms. I have a six-month experience summer internship as a human resource executive. Therefore, this specific work experience will help me gain preferable full-time job opportunities in prestigious firms.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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