Essays on Job Opportunity for Keen and Enthusiastic Office Junior Assignment

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 Dear Ashley Cooke, In response to your advertised job opportunity (Ref: AC/10/Off-Feb/10) ‘for keen and enthusiastic office junior’, I wish to offer myself as a candidate for this post. You will see from my enclosed CV that I am a potential candidate for the advertised position. I understand that as I am actively pursuing my education, this position would perfectly fit my schedule.

I also believe that your position strongly appeals to my experience and personal skills. My objective is to be a role model in corporate institution, providing superior customer service at a high standard of proficiency. I look forward to this job as a remarkable opportunity to demonstrate my abilities both as an office junior and as an ideal team coordinator. As an office assistant at Tesco Express I performed my sincere role to improve customer relations as my primary role.

I gained company’s appreciation for retaining customers by providing them with timely and accurate service and information. I could manage many challenging situations by maximizing the positive impacts of my interaction. Regardless of my limited powers, good communication skill and work experience enabled me to negotiate with customers and shareholders. Mc Donald Restaurants and Bright Bright Ltd Security Company are the other two organizations where I learned how to pay adequate attention to each customer contacts and to prioritize my tasks.

As I was to pursue my studies, I relocated to Edo State where I worked as customer service officer/front teller at Bulk Teller Servtrust Nigeria Ltd and Money Gram International since July 22nd 2006 to December 2007. The primary concern of my position in all the above organizations was customer relations.

It involved numerous assigned and non-assigned activities which are highly associated with customer satisfaction. I have been doing this work as a challenging reward with great enthusiasm. In addition to usual customer interaction, I was assigned to deliver excellent customer service lectures for which I had been specially trained. My relentless efforts have helped companies to develop new business relationships. My duties included filling forms and drafting letters, attending calls, listening to complaints, collecting feedback, providing information and many more.

As I am multilingual, to me communication means an easy task. Now the greater advantage with me is that I am a student of London College of Accountancy (Access+BA (Hon) Accounting). As you can find from my CV I am a well qualified individual with excellent office proficiency.

As an additional skill I have good computer knowledge especially in desktop publishing. Beyond my demonstrated abilities I can also actively work as the part of a team. I am an energetic team builder with strong conviction. I wish to explain the things I learned from my experience, as follows; Successful completion of every endeavor depends on well assigned goals and organized human efforts. Short term accomplishments also require rather intensive actions and strategies. In such conditions certain individuals like office assistant have pivotal roles and responsibilities to accomplish the intended mission.

The time taken for completing a task does not actually indicate the significance of the particular action. What makes an attempt extraordinary is the pain and relentless efforts, undertaken by individuals and groups. Success of a group is highly dependant on the ability of a leader. An ideal leader should have the ability to foresee obstacles and to design strategies to meet the challenges. The leader should strictly follow the principles of the group while being flexible enough to motivate other individuals to perform their responsibilities. Based on these ideas I would define my attitude to work; Other than individual accomplishment, my initial concern will be the active and whole hearted participation of the group members.

As an office junior I will maintain a pleasing temperament even under pressure and my manner of work shall be transparent enough. I believe that it can easily get my task completed without any compulsion over my companions. As a leader I will encourage other individuals to undertake responsibilities voluntarily.

I believe that teamwork gives higher job satisfaction than enjoying every success alone. As I am seeking for a new opportunity to render my dedicated service, I wish to be a member of your esteemed team. I assure you my sincere efforts with a high degree of professionalism. I will also appreciate a personal interview at your earliest convenience. Should you require further information, please call me at any time.

I can be reached at the contacts above. Sincerely, IGBINOSA HAPPY ADESUWA

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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