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Job Packet Application Letter Address Contact Information Email Address) 04/08 (Employer’s Designation Company’s Name Address) RE: APPLICATION FOR THE POST OF A MARKETING MANAGER Dear Sir/ Madam, I hereby tender my application for the above effect in reference to your ad in the classified of the New York Times dated April 4, 2015. I apply for the post of a marketing manager at your esteemed and reputable company. Marketing is my zeal in addition to being my profession. I have the capability of executing my duties with full diligence and integrity in line with the company’s goals and mission. I meet all the qualities stipulated in the advert that makes an excellent marketing manager.

Am dedicated, diligent, hardworking, and social with good verbal and non-verbal communication skills, qualities that make me eligible for the post. I have read all the policy documents that concern marketing, hence is ready to deliver my duties diligently in observation of all the codes and ethical issues involved. I have served at several capacities as a marketing management assistant that has added competency and experience to my professional skills. The tasks that I successfully executed include researching and compiling reports on external opportunities, managing budgets, gauging success and research.

I will strive to perfect my skills given the opportunity to work for the company. I will also strive to exercise my additional skills in marketing management like management of customer relations and designing marketing plans. The implementation and incorporation of all the skills in practice will enable the company to meet its marketing targets. Yours Sincerely, Name Resume First C. Last Street Name, Box Number, Contact, E-mail Objectives: To get an opportunity to serve as a marketing manager for a reputable company with more challenging tasks that will help explore my full potential to the maximum.

The job will offer a platform of imparting new knowledge and skills that will help shape my profession positively. Qualifications: A good team manager Proficient in basic computer skills Excellent Communication Skills Education 09/2010- Present (University Name) City Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Grade Point attained was 3.8 out of 4.0 Related Coursework Market Research analysis Marketing Laws Public Relations Management Communication Skills 06/2007- 04/2010 (College Name) City Diploma in Business Administration (BA) A distinction in BA Skills acquired Business Technical Writing Macro and Micro Economics Basic Marketing Marketing Design 02/2004- 10/2006 (High School Name) City Overall Grade of 3.7 Experience: 15/2012 McDonald’s Food Restaurant Company San Bernardino, California Assistant Marketing Manager Designing, Planning and supervising marketing operations in line with the company’s goals and objectives Scrutinize the sales data to estimate the corporations growth Organize and lead marketing campaigns Outcomes: Gained Experience in the design, planning, and supervision of marketing plans Initiated and maintained an improved record and accountability tracking center that ensures that the marketing department attains its set target annually Problem-solving skills Honors and Activities: 2010- 2015 Dean List for exemplary performance 2007- 2010 State Excellence honors for the college distinction References: Available Upon Request A Cover Memo to Instructor TO: Instructor’s Name FROM: Student’s Name DATE: April 8, 2015 SUBJECT: QUALIFICATIONS FOR A MARKETING MANAGEMENT POST The memo highlights the qualities and qualifications that Marketing Management docket requires.

The job targeted is senior marketing management post at MacDonald’s Restaurant as advertised in the New York Times. The New York Times is a widely read magazine across American states with its contents published on the online website accessible globally through the site, http: //www. nytimes. com. MacDonald’s Company is the world’s leading chain of hamburger fast food restaurants that operate in more than 120 countries serving approximately 70 million clients.

The world’s fast food market is dynamic experiencing increasing competitions from rival corporations hence the need for a more competent marketing executive to help MacDonald’s survive the competition. The advertisement aims at recruiting competent personnel that will enable the company to realize its annual revenue and profit targets. Some of the tasks requiring a marketing manager to execute include, designing of appropriate sales plans, supervision, and control of marketing sub-sectors within the company. The advertisement specifies the following as the qualifications one must attain to fit the post. One must be excellent in both verbal and non-verbal communication skills, willingness and positive attitude towards teamwork and deadlines.

The individual fit must show high level of self-motivation when handling tasks assigned, strong interpersonal skills, and high-quality networking abilities. The skills will aid team supervision and control towards shaping the corporation towards realization of its mission.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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