Essays on Human Resources Department - Job Titles and Competencies of Original Specialists Essay

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The paper “ Human Resources Department – Job Titles and Competencies of Original Specialists" is a telling example of an essay on HR. Human resources are the most valuable asset of an organization. Even though companies understand the importance of human resources to an organization, they do not act on this realization. Most companies do not organize and manage their human resources department effectively and hence fail ing to make the most out of the resources available to them. Based on the size and nature of the organization, I would like to see the following job titles in my HRM department: Chief Talent OfficerThis title is selected as it clearly indicates the area of operation of the employee and expertise needed.

The main task of a chief talent officer is to effectively manage the talent pool in the organization. In an organization where employees are stationed at client sites, it is important to select the right individuals to fill in the jobs. Incompetent and unskilled employees will negatively affect the relationship between the organization and the client. Therefore, it is very important for the right talent to be selected and more importantly managed. The various tasks of the chief talent officer are to implement the recruiting strategy of the organization, conducting interviews of applicants, administer evaluation tests of prospective employees, monitor the process of conducting background investigations, manage employee promotions, transfers, and terminations.

I have arrived at this conclusion to address the need to continuously meet the demand of the various clients. Clients will need a certain number of consultants on-site at any given point in time. Therefore, we need to have a continuous pool of talent at our disposal in order to meet these demands and this is where chief talent officer will come in. Employee Development SpecialistThis title again clearly indicates the nature of the job.

The responsibility of the employee development specialist is to improve the quality of human resources in the organization. Human resources give an organization a competitive edge over its competitors and it is highly important to continuously develop the skills and abilities of the employees in order to stay competitive. The employee development specialist will be accountable for this. The tasks of the employee development specialist are to continuously stay updated with the current trends and developments in the industry with respect to knowledge and technology, correspondingly design training programs design and conduct training sessions, evaluate training programs and employees performances, maintaining the employee’ s performance records, career counselling and planning of employees, etc.

Employee development specialists must be familiar with the technical and managerial aspects of the organization. A job of such nature is a must in any HRM department. Compensation SpecialistCompensation specialist as the title suggests is responsible for the compensation system in the organization.

At the end of the day, every employee works for reasonable and deserved compensation. Hence, it is very important to understand the effort that goes into a job and accordingly compensate the employee. If an effective compensation system is not in place, then an organization will find it very hard to retain the best talent. Hence, a compensation specialist will address this need. The various tasks of a compensation specialist have analyzed job duties, document detailed descriptions of the job, perform job analysis and evaluation; design, conduct and analyze compensation surveys, develop and administer benefit programs, design salary packages for different jobs, etc. Employee AdvocatesEmployee advocate title was chosen as they are responsible for advocating the relationship between the employee and the employer.

With an organization of such magnitude and nature (employees working onsite), it is not possible for the manager or the supervisors to facilitate any dialogue between employees and the top management. There are various aspects of the relationship between an employee and an employer that go unaddressed. Continuous communication with employees is necessary to understand the conditions at ground zero.

Also, there can be various issues that employees would want to bring it up with the management but find no proper channel. Hence, it’ s the responsibility of the employee advocate to facilitate this communication. The tasks of an employee advocate is to interpret the contracts between the employer and the employee to the employee, help employees to negotiate with the employer, resolving disputes and grievances, assist supervisors to understand and manage their subordinates, facilitate involvement and engagement of employees in numerous programs and deal with any other aspects or issues of employees with respect to work. The above-proposed job titles and tasks will greatly help in effectively managing the human resources of the company and extract the full potential of the employees.

The knowledge of job study and its processes greatly has greatly impacted the final plan as it was useful in ineffective job analysis and design.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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