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The paper "Joe Restaurant Marketing Plan" is an amazing example of a case study on marketing. Joe Restaurant marketing plan provides the management of the restaurant with reliable, up to date and implementable tips that will help to reach to the potential clients. Joe's restaurant marketing plan is drawn from a point of view of a restaurant profession. A restaurant is not like any other business because they pose unique online challenges and opportunities. Restaurants are also faced with unprecedented competition and corporate chains with huge marketing budgets. Marketing Vision Joe Restaurant is a premier luxury hotel and its main aim is to attract visitors to a high-end cosmopolitan hotel setting.

The restaurant aims at providing aesthetics, luxuries, and superior customer services. Goal The goals of the manager include; Reducing shift management time to 25% of the time and devoting the remaining time to marketing direction and strategy. Devoting at least 2hrs per day to marketing activities. Marketing goals To achieve annum revenue of at least $1.8 million Open another branch in 2014 Strategic Goals: To become a top tourist restaurant by the end of the third year. Tactical Goals: To initiate Joe Points customer loyalty program To establish a customer feedback system To come up with a staff incentive system with monthly bonuses To create a Facebook page and expand Joe restaurant website Purpose This marketing plan shows how to implement a marketing plan with a small marketing budget and using superior marketing techniques.

As such, social media and search engines have been considered as primary marketing methods if properly utilized. Introduction This marketing plan has been designed to be a blueprint of Joe Restaurant's establishment that goes beyond meeting the restaurant’ s clientele expectations. The restaurant aims will grant a five-star rating after its few years of consistency in its service.

Joe restaurant will dedicate itself to consistency and to finding new ways to attract many visitors and customers to create worth experiences much more than the clientele pay for. Joe restaurant believes that luxury should be pleasantly unpredictable for it to be truly rewarding. 2. Marketing Environment (PESTE) 2.1 Political and Legal The initial step in Joe Restaurant PESTE analysis is considering the legal and political situation in the area. In this case, the local politicians in the area are very friendly to the hotel and restaurant business owners who adhere to strict business regulations.

Joe Restaurant enjoys the stability of the political environment, taxes, law, policies, trading agreements and also endorses the government's view on terrorism, culture, and religion. 2.2 Economic The economic condition has been successfully studied and Joe Restaurant has access to a clientele base that possesses great disposable income a fact that has made the establishment to have a very great advantage over its competitors.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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