Essays on Joses Mexican Restaurant Quality Management Case Study

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Jose’s Mexican Restaurant – Quality Management Introduction: Jose’s Mexican restaurant has been able to recreate a Mexican feel in New England. The restaurant has been well designed and the management has been to a great extent quite effective. The restaurant however has been faced with a few quality issues over the past. Jose’s has been facing several issues with the quality of the raw material that is being used in the kitchen. This has a direct impact on the final product that is being produced and hence is of high priority.

This paper will provide a brief about the various elements that need to be considered while defining quality at the restaurant. Also analysis of how the poor quality might affect the restaurant has also been presented. The paper also includes recommendations for Jose to help improve the quality within the restaurant. Quality at Jose’s & Cost of Poor Quality: Every product or service has a set rule in terms of the quality. Several factors together form the quality of the product or service. In the case of Jose’s both efficiency as well as quality form a main part of the business strategy.

As explained by Willa A Foster, ‘Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skilful execution; it presents the wise choice of many alternatives’ (CQI, 2009). Jose’s requires ensuring that the raw materials that are brought into the restaurant are of high quality levels. To do so, Jose’s can develop a quality assurance team, who would set down the level of quality of the raw materials (in line with the laws), and also identify the right suppliers to ensure a level of consistency.

It is essential to note that, in the case of a restaurant, if the quality of food is low, then it would have a direct impact on the profits of the company. Hence, it cost the restaurant a fortune if no strict quality controls are brought in immediately (Juran & Frank M. G, 1988). Over the years there have been several theories that have been set down in terms of quality. The next section will set out recommendations based on the prevalent theories.

Recommendations to Jose’s: Jose’s has been able to develop and sustain a business with the help of the competitive advantage i. e. product differentiation. If they want to continue on and make profits, it is essential that Jose’s adopts the famous theory set down by Juran – The Quality Trilogy. Here Jose’s would require following three main steps as explained by Juran (SHSU, 2009). a) Quality Planning: This is the process where Jose’s will need to understand the needs of the customers and plan their quality processes based on the needs and requirements.

Here all the guidelines are set down and are required to be followed. b) Quality Control: The process involves checking to ensure that all processes are in line with the set qualities and the guideline that have been set down in the previous step. In the case of Jose’s it would mean a random tasting of the dishes to ensure that the quality levels have been maintained. c) Quality Improvements: the quality improvement process is where the Jose’s would need to work constantly on making improvements to the processes and also works on constant improvements to be made to the guidelines based on the needs of the customers.

Implementation of these steps into the processes at Jose, will allow a high degree of improvement of the overall products as well as the service. References CQI. (2009). What is quality? Retrieved January 17, 2010, from http: //www. thecqi. org/Knowledge-Hub/What-is-quality-new/ Juran, J. M., & Frank M. G. (1988). Juran's Quality Control Handbook. New York: NY: McGraw-Hill. SHSU. (2009). Juran’s Quality Trilogy. Retrieved January 17, 2010, from http: //www. shsu. edu/~mgt_ves/mgt481/lesson13/sld012.htm

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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