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The paper "Enjoyment-Leisure Activity " is an outstanding example of a management assignment. The first week's lecture focused on establishing the actual definition of the term leisure. Leisure has been perceived differently in diverse situations. However, for an activity to be classified as leisure, it needs to have the following three aspects. Freedom of choice - The leisure activity needs to be chosen freely and should not be part of individual, family, work or social responsibility Intrinsically motivating - leisure activity needs to be inbuilt and not initiated or activated by external forces. Enjoyment - leisure activity should initiate a sense of enjoyment to the person perfuming it. Leisure has in this case been defined in depth where a number of aspects have been considered in this definition.

After a comprehensive reading of the provided notes and other materials, I realized that I have been having a shallow definition of the term leisure. To me, leisure included activities we do during our free time. In this definition, I just considered the freedom of choice since it eliminated the aspect of obligation. However, it did not consider the other two aspects, although, I now realize that they are always present when I am enjoying my leisure.

I always do what I like most during my leisure time and by the end of it all, I always feel happy and satisfied. Although I have never thought of what motivates me into doing it, I am sure it is not an external force. I normally do it because of the pleasure it gives me at the end of it all. I am really pleased by understanding a standard definition of leisure, which fits my actual experience during my leisure time. Leisure has extensively been related to freedom of choice.

A time that one command without having to consider obligation or anyone else expectation. According to (Veal, 1992. p. 47), leisure is identified as an activity that entails the pursuit of self-understanding and truth. It is regarded as an act of philosophical, religious, psychological and aesthetic contemplation. Leisure involves living in comparative freedom from exterior compulsive physical and cultural environment forces in order to operate from internally persuasive love in manners that are intuitively worth, personally pleasing, and give a foundation for faith.

Therefore, in my opinion, freedom of choice always gives someone an inner joy of doing what makes a person happy in life. When this freedom of choice is not there, one can only do what is required by others or the environment and thus, making sacrifices to make a task accomplished. Week 2 Leisure has evolved with time. There was a time that leisure was not recognized. However, its importance has been seen as working hours became more distinct in history.

The second week's learning centred on the history of leisure. This involved six major periods in history. These periods include: Hunter and gatherer - There was no clear distinction between work and leisure during this time in history. Greek - Leisure was recognized, but in a discriminative way. It was only allowed to individuals in the upper class. This was defined as a time to realize the cultural ideas, knowledge resulting to conduct and virtuous choices and that eventually results in true happiness and pressure.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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