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The paper "Apple's Australian Dominance Grows Ahead of the New iPhone Launch" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Case Study. This journal paper has an objective of presenting a critical analysis of the level of adoption of e-marketing in the Australian economy within the technological, organizational as well as the environmental framework. Through a critical look at the observation made at Apple organizations in Australia practicing e-marketing and the analysis of the research data, the paper shows that the level of adoption of e-marketing in Australia is gaining ground with most retailers focusing on building their own e-marketing platforms. Marketing is an old concept that has been around for so long since human beings began to trade goods and services amongst themselves.

Marketing has always been the language that people use to convince others to do business. The methods of marketing have however changed and improved and sellers have become more and more efficient and them getting their message to convince people to do business out in the market (Amartya, 2015). E-marketing is becoming is the focal point between the use of modern communication techniques and the traditional methods that have been used in the past.

It is the application of the marketing principles and methods through electronic media and to be specific, the internet (Magicdust 2016). The paper is concerned with the e-marketing activity observed at the Apple company site. The paper is involved with observations of events of the marketing events, discussion of the feelings of the prospective customer, thoughts about the organization and how the observations influence perceptions about the brand or the organization. It also deals with a recommendation for what the marketer could have done to engage you more as a customer and lastly the conclusion.   Observation There is a keen e-marketing activity that I have observed and noted critically.

This entails marketing and selling of electronic products by Apple using social media, its main website and other e-marketing techniques and platforms. The company is making its website and social media platform fill with more and exciting new products with ranging from low to high prices. Classic products are filling their spaces making the customer to determine to have them by all means in order to feel that experience.

Such products include Ipads, iPhones, Mac among others. Source: Apple 2015 This activity has really attracted my attention due to the high level of effort that the company has put through in an effort to market its products. This makes almost all the products they market online to hardly pass the audience. I have closely observed that Apple has extensively engaged and used social media and its website to penetrate the market and the growing e-market platforms. My observation is that social media is a good advertising and marketing tool because it engages the consumer about the brands and presents a good opportunity for me as a customer to ask questions about the products I intend to buy and how I can obtain them.

I can use the same media to give the producer a piece of my mind on the specifications or how I want the products I would like to buy should be designed. Social media has so many platforms and it is upon the customer to choose which one they want to find information from since most sellers are virtually found in almost all the social media platforms because of their low cost of maintenance as well as the huge following they can obtain (Amartya, 2015).

They include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more. Their ability to answer to the questions raised by the prospective customers are answered swiftly, made me appreciate their seriousness on the concept of marketing.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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