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The paper "Workplace Challenges" is a delightful example of an essay on human resources. People In the contemporary environment, working people encounter various problems. These challenges not only differ from firm to firm but also according to the work category. According to research, the following could be the potential issues, faced by working people. If you are new in the organization; there could be an issue of adjustment with the culture and norms of the firm, initially. Then, it is probable that old employees might not listen to your ideas and you will make errors at the beginning which may put you in a difficult position.

Moreover, time management can be a hurdle. You must be prepared for all types of co-workers as some of them might disagree with you all the time and your way of working might not be coherent with their working style. Furthermore, most of the organizations have people who will bully you, create trouble behind your back, destroy your work and never lose an opportunity to discourage you. You may encounter harassment and discrimination issues from both management and co-workers; this mostly happens if you are a woman or a migrant. Workplace ethics can sometimes be very challenging as it might ask to compromise your integrity and self-respect.

The relationship with higher management and your immediate supervisor is also important, as if they are problematic, then it will be difficult to effectively perform your duties. However, quitting is not always a good option in this competitive job environment. You must take every step to resolve the issues you are facing in an organization.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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