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The paper “ Chipotle Is Bringing Vegan Burritos to Canada“ is an excellent variant of an article on marketing. This article is about the writer's comments about the establishment of a new branch by a Mexican food outlet, Chipotle Mexican Grill. The Grill is targeting the vegetarian market in Canada which has remained untapped for long. The chain had an upper hand when it tested its market in the U. S that the consumers loved their product. RelevanceThis article is relevant to the topic in that the chain will be introducing a new product in Canada, one which has picked the market very fast.

Additionally, the retail chain uses its human resources in the expansion strategy. Discussion on Areas of TheoryThe article touches on several areas of the retail organization and human resource management. The retail chain, before engaging in its business in Canada first decided on assessing the target market needs. On this, the management of the retail chain had to evaluate the possibility of success of the business by considering several scenarios. The management had to ensure that there were sufficient personnel to provide appropriate customer service.

It is of importance considering the company had over thirty-seven thousand employees who worked in one thousand, five hundred food outlets across five countries. The availability of personnel would not be of any efficiency if they were not properly motivated. The personnel should also be courteous and knowledgeable. They need to be aware of the needs of the customers and be courteous to them. This would help retain the already available customers and attract more new ones. In addition to this, Chipotle Mexican Grill had well-maintained outlets across all the countries of operation.

The management ensured that the place of business was clean and well maintained. The importance of this practice is to ensure that the customers are comfortable and also so as to comply with the legislation where the food outlets are to be kept clean so as to avoid the illnesses brought about by dirt. In addition to this, company management conducted sufficient research on the U. S market. A new product underwent testing in the United States to ascertain whether it would attract an adequate market worth annexing (Nowak, 2014).

To ensure the satisfaction of its customers, the company introduced the new product to the market which was thronged with the same product over the past several years. The customers readily embraced the new product and this made it gain market faster than expected. Sofritas commanded three percent to four percent of the market in the U. S despite its newness (Arnold, 2014). The company chose to produce its food in a different manner from what the other fast food outlets were doing and this made it gain a huge market share fast.

The company expanded fast, opening up to five hundred restaurants by the year 2005. This led to the company having an initial public offering in 2006, which turned out to be very successful (Nowak, 2014). The company operates under the mission statement ‘ food for integrity, ’ with the aim of using meat that has been raised naturally, products from organics and dairy which is free from hormones where possible (Nowak, 2005).


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