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This paper reviews the article d “Relationship between stress coping levels of and their probability of committing suicide” (Ug˘urlu and Ona) taken from EBSCO. The article begins with a discussion of the process of stress which entails three phases of reaction to the alarm, resistance and exhaustion. The article points to the fact that individuals with an internal locus of control have higher self-confidence and can better handle stress. These individuals are less likely to commit suicide as opposed to those who blame situational factors for their failure (external locus of control).

Studies conducted have discovered a direct relation between university students and depression, anxiety, stress, suicide and adaptation issues. The primary research used by authors of this article included a survey of 350 health students of the University of Muğla (Ug˘urlu and Ona). After having analyzed the results of the research, the authors concluded that there was a high correlation between suicide and stress levels of university students. Furthermore, findings revealed that the stress-coping ability of males was higher compared to females which have implications on suicide levels ultimately (Ug˘urlu and Ona).

However, the research provided some contradictory insights with respect to gender and suicide levels; contrary to previous research results, this one proved that the chances of committing suicide were higher among males than females (Ug˘urlu and Ona). Since the research was conducted with respect to health students, the results also revealed that the ability to cope stress was higher for nursing department’s students than health officer students (Ug˘urlu and Ona). Another interesting insight that was revealed was that there was a direct relation between the students’ ability to cope stress and mother’s education level (Ug˘urlu and Ona).

The higher the mother’s education level, the higher the student’s ability to deal with stress. Furthermore, it was discovered that students with single parents also suffered from social isolation which was a significant factor behind suicide (Ug˘urlu and Ona). Reference: Ug˘urlu, Nezihe and Neslihan Ona. "Relationship between stress coping levels of university students and their probability of committing suicide. " Social Behaviour and Personality (2009): 1221-1230.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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