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The paper "Transactional Leadership Style " is an outstanding example of a management assignment.   Organizational structure is a section of a management plan that describes the relationships among individuals within the company, listing the major responsibilities of each member of the management plan. Forms: a) Divisional organization: - a company is partitioned into smaller divisions that are accountable for their own performance. For example, Microsoft has: Windows, Office, Xbox, SQL, Server, System Center, Unified Communications, SharePoint, Azure, Dynamics(ERP & CRM), Online display and search advertising. b) Product division: - a company layout is in accordance with its type of production. ..

For example, Apple and LA Gear. c) Customer division: - there is a higher preference for such structure as a result of its diverse in-service capabilities. d) Process division: - in this category, the commodities are subjected to various steps of production before it’ s accomplished. e) Geographical division: - this division gives companies in diverse locations the capability to be responsive to customers at a local level. An example is Wal-Mart Retailers. Question 5.4.1 Democratic leadership allows followers some control over their activities and a great saying on the decision-making process.

Autocratic leadership gives subjects little or no control of their activities or environment at all. On the other hand, Laissez-faire leaderships give their subjects nearly total control over their environments and operations. Despite being different they have similarities. A notable one is that they all entail the classical styles of leadership witnessed in traditional organizations and groups. (eNotes. com, 2015). I would prefer to use democratic myself as staff participation can help me formulate better management methods and ways of operations which will favor the employees to ensure that productivity is improved.

On the side of my boss, I would prefer them to employ laissez-faire. Working under low supervision with the freedom to make autonomous decisions will give me peace of mind and relieve me of any negative feeling of unjust supervision. I will work best in such a setting.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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