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The paper "Foundations of Business" is an outstanding example of a business assignment. To my understanding, the organizational structure simply refers to a formal system of task and authority relationships in which organizational functional process are divided, organized, and coordinated purposefully to attain positive results. Having learnt what really entails organization structure, I realized that organization structure can either be formed through process division, functional structure, product structure, customer strategy, and geographical. Organization forming structures varies across the globe based on how the forms are efficient, effective, and suitable across the globe.

By examining Starbucks Coffee’ s organization structure, geographical organization structure poses a great advantage to the company. From cross-examination, I learnt that Starbucks geographical organization structure will foster closer managerial support for geographical through high flexibility in constant changing of policies and strategies so as to align with specific market demand. U. S. Department of Energy will greatly benefit from the divisional organization structure through assigning each department tasks and responsibilities hence inhibiting the organization from experiencing operative conflicts that generally arise due to lack of responsibility. Thirdly, a functional organization structure will effectively suit the FedEx.

Company. Since FedEx company need to be managed from top-down via functional heads, the functional organization structure will foster operation efficiency and specialization from top-down the process due to department operational independence. Fourthly, the customer organization structure effectively suits the Walmart company. Having known that Walmart is renowned for targeting all types of consumers and offers wide arrays of products, its products and services need to segmented into consumer business, and professional business purposefully to foster better business services. Lastly, the product organization structure basically suites the Microsoft company.

Since Microsoft company has product-based division such as the production of phones, computers, and automotive, each division needs to have its own research and innovation process. Such an approach will foster product development in each division. B3                       Having analysed the three leadership technique, I now realized that organization managers are at some point involved during the decision making process. Essentially, the three leadership approaches position managers as authoritarians which are strongly emphasised in autocratic and democratic leadership style with a little emphasis in Laissez-faire style. Contrarily, the three leadership styles differ based on how managers exercise their authorities towards subordinate staffs especially during the decision-making process.

I am meant to understand that autocratic leaders fail to involve subordinates during decision making, democrat managers involve subordinates during decision making, while laissez-faire managers give subordinates the power to make a decision. Personally, as an organization manager, I will endorse the use of democratic leadership style simply it involves employees during decision making process, opinions, and recommendations regarding organization progress. Basically, I will be able to grasp new ideas from my employees while the employees will feel more wanted to the organization hence promoting higher motivations across the employees.

This is to imply that the democratic leadership style will foster creativity and innovation across the organization simply because all workers are involved during organization forums.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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