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The paper "Situational Analysis of Jumeirah Lakes Towers Hotels" is a great example of a marketing case study.   This report covers the situational analysis and marketing audit of Jumeirah Lake Towers Hotels in Dubai. Jumeirah Lake Towers entails 80 towers that are built in the edge of artificial lakes including Almas West, Almast East, and JLT Lake among others. Initially, Jumeirah Lake Towers had three operating hotels namely Bonington Jumeirah Lake Towers, Armada Bluebay Hotel and Movenpick Jumeirah Lakes Towers (Jumeirah. com, 2011). There have been some new hotels established in Jumeirah Lake Towers such as Pullman Lakes Towers Hotel bringing the number of hotels in the area to four.

The Jumeirah Lake Towers Free Zone was established in 2002 and since its establishment, hotels were instituted (Jumeirah, 2012). For instance, the Armada Bluebay Hotel was established in 2014 while Bonington Hotel was started in 2009. Jumeirah Lake Towers Hotels are one of the fast-growing Hotels in Dubai due to the demand for the products and services offered by them. The main reason why I chose Jumeirah Lake Towers Hotels is because of the success factor associated with them.

In addition, these hotels have brought about the economic significance to Dubai and UAE in general. This report will first provide the environmental analysis of Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai and the overview of the organisation. In addition, it will examine the corporate social responsibility as well as the promotional and marketing ethics issues of the company and will provide the organisational core target market of Jumeirah Lake Towers Hotels. The report will also identify the main competitors of Jumeirah Lake Towers Hotels and their characteristics and it will identify the success factors in the market.

This will be done by providing the SWOT Analysis of the company and how the company can change the threats into opportunities and weaknesses as strengths. Lastly, the report will include critical analysis and evaluation of Jumeirah Lake Towers’ value proposition, brand positioning and brand association. The analysis will conclude with recommendations for the marketing strategies for the company in order to introduce important objectives in the future. 2 Environmental Analysis The environmental analysis concentrates on five factors that affect Jumeirah Lake Towers’ operations and success.

They include political, social, technological, economic as well as legal factors. Environmental analysis is possible through PESTLE Analysis. These factors influence the market and the business operations in many ways thereby altering the way strategies are made. PESTLE Analysis is carried out with the aim of ascertaining business strategies for the future and assessing business environment. The analysis gives an outline of the situation in which Jumeirah Lake Towers Hotels might be in. 2.1 Political Factor (-0.1) The market of hotel business in Dubai is said to be developing fast.

Restaurants and hotels in UAE are expected to comply with the country political requirements including national minimum wage regulations and Hygiene and Quality regulations that influence the quality of foods in restaurants (Jumeirah, 2012). The Jumeirah Lake Towers Hotels will be under these strict health regulations that may impact its operations. In addition, Jumeirah Lake Towers Hotels are found in the free zone region that is under intense government intervention. The strict regulations will affect the operations of the company and may lead to some challenges.

Therefore, the political factor affecting Jumeirah is assigned a rating of -0.1.


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