Essays on Pain and Leadership Essay

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The paper "Pain and Leadership" is a great example of an essay on psychology. Pain can have numerous sources and nature, and many people in pain struggle to cope with it. Pain can come from dissatisfaction with one’ s physical appearance, a traumatic experience, loss of loved ones, among many others. Pain can be physical, mental, or psychological in nature. It can be as superficial as waking up very early, or as traumatic as suddenly losing a loved one, or almost being shot by one’ s drunk father. It can be something that comes from mental or physical illnesses brought about by genetics or the social environment.

Most of these pains cut deep into people’ s psychological well-being. They cause stress, lack of confidence, and sometimes, a feeling that life holds no meaning anymore. The lesson for a leadership class is that leaders should be aware that they are leading human beings who have dreams, struggles, and pain. In order to unite them, these leaders must be able to know their members personally enough to discern their identity and goals in life. Through this knowledge, they can earn their trust and connect relevant life details and goals to team goals.

For example, a person who feels he is always compared to his siblings needs a sense of accomplishment in life and to develop his self-esteem. Leaders can motivate this person by focusing on the importance of achievement and the role of each member in attaining team success. Finally, leaders should be sensitive to people’ s pain. It does not mean that they should condone the idea of giving up or having no self-confidence, but they should try, in their own ways, to provide social support to people in pain.

Human beings meaningfully connect also to each other by being one another’ s sanctuary, in times of painful challenges in their lives.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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