Essays on Justice and a Sustainable Economy Assignment

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The paper "Justice and a Sustainable Economy" is an outstanding example of a business assignment. Alternatives for Community & Environment Inc. , define sustainability as essentially a matter of equity and justice (7). Economic sustainability and justice give simultaneous results; one simply cannot happen without the other. This intersection of sustainability and social justice is referred to as environmental justice. The policy decisions made in this present day will determine who will have opportunities for many generations to come. The United States is waiting for action on a comprehensive climate change bill, as its troubled economy seeks impetus from the billions of dollars injected into it from the Stimulus.

President Obama has put emphasis on the need of making the correct choices for generations to come (Alternatives for Community & Environment 6). Globally, there are many promising plans that bring to focus the need to adjust humanity towards more just and sustainable futures. The target for these plans is the attainment of environmental justice. Environmental justice is a US-initiated concept that activists in the global South refer to as the ‘ brown’ antipollution, antipoverty agenda.

The brown agenda is mainly concerned with the promotion of affordable housing, clean drinking water, and infrastructure planning (Agyeman & Ogneva-Himmelberger 3). At the other end of the spectrum is what is referred to as sustainable development. This is referred to as the ‘ green’ agenda and because it is predominantly environmental (Dobson 83). The green agenda’ s highlights are the preservation of biodiversity and reduction in waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Other ‘ midway’ agenda that arise when one seeks to understand justice and sustainable economies are the ‘ human security agenda and the ‘ just sustainability agenda.

The human security agenda addresses the three pillars of human, state and environmental security and seeks ways for enabling sustainable development through their integration.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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