Essays on The Storm by Kate Chopin Book Report/Review

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The paper "The Storm by Kate Chopin" is a good example of a book review on literature. The meaning of the “ The storm” by Kate Chopin The “ The storm” is centered on an illegitimate date between two ex-lovers: Calixta and Alcee. Initially, they are compelled to seek shelter on the porch, then in the laundry. Finally, the two are compelled to retreat indoors to the home that Calixta shared wither husband. They were fleeing the ambush of the unbearable storm. How does the author’ s life influence the story? The story “ The Storm” is a reflection of Chopin’ s life.

She uses various stylistic devices such as irony and satire to confront the theme of women's sexuality and the involvedness of the married state. The story reflects Chopin’ s affair with a married man called Albert Sample. She uses Albert’ s personality to construct the character Alcee. Do the characters change? The main characters in the story “ The storm “ include; Alcee and Calixta. The two are both married, however, due to loneliness, they engage in an illicit affair. The author asserts that after the affair the two are relieved off their stress and loneliness.

This is an indication that the two characters changed in the state. PlotThe plot is a conflict, because it starts with the arrival of Calixta’ s old lover at her house, only to be trapped by the storm. A conflict situation is created, when Calixta would have worried about her husband and a son who were outside in the storm, but a cute man strolls into the house to give her the comfort and protection she needed at the time. The act of adultery by the two married people represents a conflict.

Further, the author represents the action as normal for individual satisfaction; however, this representation does not reflect the expectations of the audience consequently, enhancing the conflict Quotation“ ..So the storm passed and everyone was happy” This quotation implies that the burden of the loneliness and traditions attributed to marriage was over after the illicit affair. Literary TheoryThe author uses the feminist theory to enhance her literary criticism to express her perception of patriarchal authority and sexual fulfillment as evidenced by the main characters: Calixta and Alcee. Question(s) What sort of intimacy exists between Calixta and Alcee?

Can anything significant be inferred from the past about it?

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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