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The paper “ Kate Miller’ s Current Marketing Strategy and Recommendations" is a forceful variant of a case study on marketing. The elements of the marketing mix including the 4 P’ s of product, price, place, and promotion are discussed in great detail with changes recommended for the present strategy. The recommended strategies are expected to increase the artist’ s publicity, get a larger fan club and also enhance sales. 2.0 Situation Analysis 2.1 Current Product: Product refers to a tangible object or an intangible service that is produced on a large scale with a specific volume of units.

Furthermore, intangible goods refer to services such as tourism, the hospitality industry or the entertainment industry. In this case, Kate Miller-Heidke is an Australian opera singer who is also on Sony-BMG's Australian label. Miller-Heidke has been signed to Sony since 2006 in Australia while two of her extended plays were released independently before being signed on with Sony. Additionally, Kate Miller-Heidke has attracted a number of fans around the world. Some of her concerts were highly acknowledged by listeners and one of those was a historic concert at Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.

Also, the MTV Exit event was the first rock concert that took place at the ancient site in order to create awareness about the unfortunate human trafficking business. Not only this but Kate was the only Australian on the bill featuring Placebo, Duncan Sheik, and local Cambodian bands. Kate Miller’ s products include her concerts, merchandising, and compact discs (CDs). These products can be characterized as “ specialty goods” . Specialty goods are those that interest only a narrow segment of the population. Since Heidke is in the music industry and her music interests a specific audience who prefer listening to pop music and opera. 2.2 Current Price: The price is the amount a customer is willing to pay for a product or service.

It is determined by a number of factors including market share, competition, material costs, product identity and the customer's perceived value of the product. The business may increase or decrease the price of a product if other stores have the same product, that is, as a competitive tactic. The prices of Miller’ s albums and CDs are available at almost the same prices at each store.

At the same time, they are also sold online through Amazon, eBay, and other websites. Furthermore, songs can also be easily downloaded from various sites. 2.3 Current Distribution: The place is the next ‘ P’ of the marketing mix which is also known as channel, distribution, or intermediary. Distribution ensures that goods or services reach the final consumer from the manufacturer/ service provider. The seller may use a number of alternate 'channels' of distribution for the purpose. For instance, a wholesaler or a retailer may be used for tangible products, in addition, to the use of advertisements to reach the purchaser. Furthermore, both direct and indirect channels are used for the distribution of Kate Miller’ s music.

Her music follows an ‘ intensive distribution strategy’ , that is, a large number of retail stores carry her CDs so as to make it accessible for the majority of listeners in the region. This strategy has also led the artist to stand amongst the highly acclaimed personalities in the music industry in Australia. Additionally, various websites also advertise her music intensively such as free downloads, music for iPod or MP3, free gift vouchers, and discounted concert tickets, etc.

All of these schemes contribute to Miller’ s popularity.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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