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The paper "The Management of Engineering" Is a great example of a Management Case Study. The case study is about Melissa Mulders, a chemical engineer who has been working with East Island Petrochemical Company. Melissa Mulders working for East Island Petrochemical Company has given her the required exposure to further her career but at the same time, she had witnessed deep-rooted unethical issues in her place of work. One of the issues is having a boss, Walpole, who is a womanizer; he is known to molest women and has on several cases landed himself in trouble for sexual harassment.

Melissa her self has been a victim of this, as the few times they had been together with her boss, he had tried to grope. Her immediate boss, Brian Bunsen has some issues which Melissa feels could interfere with the working relationship in the company. He is not happy to have been left out as far as the Head of the Division appointment was concerned; given the number of years, he has served in the division and the fact that he is the senior-most employees in the department. He felt that he is the one who was supposed to take up the position instead of Walpole, who was fetched from another department.

He is known to do very little and he is always at loggerheads with the Head of the Division. The other colleague Roger, is involved in shady deals where Melissa suspects that he has been selling the company formulas, to rival firms. Melissa also suspects that Roger and Trudy Truesome who is a technician at the division are involved in an intimate relationship.

The other co-worker, Craig Cattle is involved in drinking problems; he usually sneaks during the working hours to have asleep. He is also finding fault at other people’ s work. Trudy is good at work and always seems dedicated to her work but she has some family issues which at times seem to get her own way, Melissa sees this as a problem as far as her performance on some occasions is concerned. Roger had always requested Melissa to attend one of the drags meeting with him to just see what goes on.

She had always resisted since she knew they were boring, but one day she decides to attend with her friend. On this occasion, she witnessed some events that shock her. It is on this occasion that she discovered that Roger and Trudy are engaged in an intimate relationship despite being co-workers. She also discovered through her spying that Roger sold a bottle of KBC32 to a senior manager of the rival company, Steiner Industry. The company is involved in the same kind of business as her employer. KBC32 is a product of one of the forty projects that her division is involved in developing.

The product is at an advanced stage and soon it will be out of the market. The project has been going well and initial trials of KBC32 indicate that the product could be a lucrative money-spinner for the company. Melissa realizes that the same KBC32 bottle that Roger could be handing over to the rival company head could be the same she signed for the previous afternoon. Melissa concludes that Trudy and Roger were working together in this as they were together at the time of exchanging the liquid; it was also Trudy who had approached Melissa to sign for the bottle as Rogers was busy somewhere else and could not have procured it herself.

The company policy dictates that each time the product is used; the users must record the details as well as sign their names.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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