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The paper "Marketing Plan for Kimpesiki Hotel in Dubai " is a good example of a marketing case study.   Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates is the global third biggest indoor ski resort with one of the globe’ s longest indoor ski slopes and the largest covered snow park. Also connected to the largest shopping mall outside North America, this truly exclusive five-star luxury hotel is set to be a destination in itself, providing a complete recreation experience with the state of art health club, Ayurveda wellness centre, tennis court and swimming pool.

Guests will be capable to go shopping, skiing, or soak up the winter atmosphere in one of the restaurants overlooking the ski slope. All the hotel rooms are exquisitely appointed with a modern dé cor exuding a residential and warm feeling. The hotel has been experiencing increasing demand and this is predicted to continue for the next coming years as long as the quality is maintained. Introduction Kempinski hotel mall of the Emirates is a five star, a luxurious hotel attached to the United Arab Emirates indoor ski slope and one of the largest shopping mall outside North America.

Along with with Mall of the Emirates shopping centre as well as alpine themed indoor snow resort of Ski Dubai, the hotel has grown to be an attraction in Dubai. Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates is faced by numerous product and marketing challenges as a result of the opening of numerous new budget hotels within the walking distance of the property. When the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates was opened in 2006, its adjoining mall was the biggest outside North America, and Ski Dubai was one of the most recognized attractions of Emirates.

Currently, the mall together with its interior ski slope remain huge draws, but Kempinski hotel faces novel challenges as the figure of hospitality and retail establishments have sharply increased in the recent years. So far, the hotel has been able to see an increase in footfall regardless of the financial crisis and the launch of Dubai Mall, which is the biggest mall-based in the entire area. When it was opened, Kempinski hotel was distinct since its connection to a mall, but Dubai Mall currently has its personal hotel too and this concept is successful.

Like several hotels in the globe, Kempinski hotel was hit by the financial crisis but avoided lowering its prices as much as possible during the downturn. The reality that Kempinski is adjacent to a mall has assisted its levels of occupancy during the financial crisis as a huge portion of its visitors are GCC locals, who are large shoppers and have also tended to travel closer to home during the downturn. Supply-side analysis Schewe and Hiam (2000) argue that supply analysis is used to attain and develop the essential knowledge and intelligence to make excellent procurement decisions in an organization.

A successful supply-side analysis generates a competitive advantage in the marketplace by minimizing supply risks and costs. Identification of resource and product requirement has allowed Kempiski to understand the services and products that it offers to its customers and the factors vital to the success of the hotel. The strong financial indicators and positive forecast from the oil and financial sectors point to expanding the number of tourists and business travelers to the region, and the present megaprojects, which entail strengthening of infrastructure of new airports, roads, flight roads and commercial and residential buildings are the attestation of the support for this uptrend.

The Middle East area’ s diversity has allowed Kempinski to develop unique products, which would allow it to expand in terms of intra-regional and inbound travel.


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