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Kindle 3 Promotions Add Add Add Add Kindle 3 Promotions The objectives of marketing include persuading customers to purchase the company’s products. So, to develop an effective communication strategy, it is necessary to have a proper understanding of how consumers think in each step of purchase. According to Dahlen, Lange and Smith (2010), some marketing communications fail to achieve their goals because they fail to describe what benefits the customers will get if they use their products. In the case of Kindle 3, it is evident that the company already holds nearly half of the market and according to reviews, it is the best.

So, evidently, the company does not have to worry about creating brand awareness. Now, in order to further its sales, the best communication objective would be to stress on the unique features Kindle 3 possesses that its rivals do not have, or, to publicize how Kindle 3 is superior to its competitors. Yet another vital objective is to make the people aware about a need that needs to be fulfilled, thus encouraging action from the customers.

As Grewal and Levy (2008) points out, there are four main tools in the promotional mix; they are advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations. Admittedly, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. To illustrate, when advertisement helps in building awareness and trust, it fails to answer the customer queries as it is impersonal in nature. In addition, though advertisement influences, it does not make a customer take a final decision. Considering the huge number of customers Kindle 3 has got, evidently, the company should ensure regular presence through advertising to retain its brand name and customer trust.

In the case of personal selling, one can undoubtedly say that it is much more personal and interactive in nature, thus promoting communication. This is useful to make the customers understand the benefits of various features of the product. However, for a company that has millions of customers and such a huge sale, it is not a viable solution due to the high cost and time involved. Sales promotion involves attracting customers through promotional incentives. Evidently, this ensures a sharp increase in the number of customers in a short period of time.

But the issue is that if overdone, it will adversely affect the brand image. In the case of Kindle 3, too much of sales promotion will have a negative impact on the company image in the long term. The last thing is public relations in which opinion about the product comes from third party including magazines and newspapers. As far as the company has excellent product at a competitive price, the fear about negative publicity is unfounded. So, evidently, the best promotional tools for the company will be advertising and public relations.

One has to admit that Amazon. com is providing to its customers true value for the product. For example, this 8.5 ounces screen, practically lighter than a paperback, is highly portable and one can read for hours (Amazon. com Inc). Secondly, the gadget never gets hot even after hours of use. Yet another feature that makes it comfortable is the long battery that is about one month if one reads one hour a day. In addition, one has to think about the social and environmental impact too.

By spending slightly more than a hundred dollars, what one gets is access to millions of books, any time and anywhere. If all these books are printed, there will be huge environmental impact. So, evidently, the promotion of Kindle 3 is always beneficial. References Amazon. com. Inc. (n. d). Amazon’s revolutionary wireless reading device. Retrieved from http: //www. amazon. com/dp/B002Y27P3M/? tag=gocous-%2020&hvadid=5729120357&ref=pd_sl_cazfqv6ny_b Dahlen, M., Lange, F & Smith, T. (2010). Marketing Communoications: A Brand Narrative Approach. UK: John Wiley & Sons. Grewal, D & Levy, M. (2008). Marketing.

New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hills.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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