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The paper “ Kindle Paperwhite - Marketing Success Evaluation” is a motivating example of a report on marketing. Kindle Paperwhite (WI-FI) is the second generation of paperwhite e-readers designed and sold by Amazon. Kindle Paperwhite (WI-FI) allows a user to read e-books, magazines, newspapers and other digital material sourced from Amazon online shopping site. Kindle Paperwhite (WI-FI) is the newest version of kindle in a list of some previously successful versions of the product. Kindle Paperwhite (WI-FI) is particularly unique as it features Wi-Fi and paperwhite high definition display that has antiglare features enabling readers to use the e-reader even in bright daylight.

It was released into the market in September 2013 currently retailing at $119 dollars at the Amazon. com site. Amazon is the world’ s largest online retailer headquartered in Washington USA. The company’ s original idea was a bookstore but is much diversified into offering several consumer electronics, cloud computing services and providing a platform for an unlimited variety of merchandise to be sold at Amazon. com. This report seeks to evaluate the success of Kindle Paperwhite (WI-FI) ’ s marketing mix in the Australian market in light of satisfying the target market’ s needs and wants. Target market Kindle Paperwhite (WI-FI) is arguably the leading eBook reader in the market today building from the strategic advantage it enjoys of being an Amazon product.

This ensures that users can as well get access to over 1000 books on Amazon’ s online shopping platform. The kindle is basically a device that allows one to read books and reading materials that are digitally encrypted. Apart from this, Kindle Paperwhite (WI-FI) allows one to access the books and materials online, look up meaning from an installed dictionary and from Wikipedia.

The device is basically intended for any person who is interested in reading books and other materials regularly and in digital form. The market can then be segmented as below. Demographic segmentation (Age)Books and literature materials are almost necessary for all age groups but particularly for people between the ages of 5 and 70 years. Australians between these ages are likely to comprise the market for Kindle e-reader. The middle ages of between 25 to 55 years are particularly very much into reading books and might constitute the bull’ s-eye of Kindle Paperwhite (WI-FI) ’ s target market in Australia. (Gender)The device is a consumer commodity without any particular connection to either male or female consumers.

It can be used by Australians both males and females and thus both genders constitute the target market for Kindle Paperwhite (WI-FI). Geographical segmentationThe kindle can be used by Australians from every state and therefore the whole of Australia should be considered a target market for Kindle Paperwhite (WI-FI) geographically for as long as there is a form of internet connectivity either through high-speed internet or 3G network. Behavioral segmentationBehavior in terms of product-market may take the form of the expectations that the consumer has in relation to the product's ability to fulfill his/her needs.

For an eBook reader, consumers might expect to get something that makes the reading process almost the same as reading a hardcopy book or even better. This means therefore that the reader retains as much energy to last long, has the ability to enable the consumer to connect with Internet resources such as online bookstores, dictionaries, and maybe relevant social sites.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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