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The paper “ Kingsize Big & Tall - Marketing Activities Associated with the Product and Promotional Strategy” is a  fascinating example of a case study on marketing. Kingsize Big and tall opened its door back in the year 1972, the company started with opening a big store for men’ s clothes in Inglewood Western Australia. The founders of the company are Don and Jen Blair. Through their strong and excellent leadership, the company has gone from one strength to another and currently, it operates 12 stores that extend all across Australia. The stores stretch from Western Australia, Queensland, and Victoria with one branch in the ACT (The Kingsize Big & Tall Australia website 2012). The company has a website and they use it to offer the men’ s wear online.

The company has long working staff members who have the necessary skills that are needed to understand the complexities of the market. Orders are made using various methods for example by the use of mail as well as telephone. As a company, Kingsize Big & Tall prides itself in offering the latest brands for the big men this can also be done to the executive lady product.

2.0 Situation analysis 2.1Pestle Analysis Before launching any new product it is important for any company to analyze the external environment the product will be operating in. Pestle analysis is an important tool for carrying out this analysis (Jain, Trehan & Trehan 2009, pp. 40). 2.1.1 Political Factors The Australian government system is liberal and encourages free enterprise. Australia holds regular free and fair elections and thus the system of government is very stable.

Other than through the legislative framework the government is unlikely to interfere with businesses. 2.1.2 Economic FactorsHigh-interest rates in the Australian economy may affect KBF’ s introduction to the new products may become expensive because of high borrowing rates. The cost of doing business in Australia is also on the rise. However, unemployment rates in March have reduced to 4.2%. The availability of credit in Australia is constrained by the lack of confidence by banks in their lending practices. 2.1.3 Sociocultural ForcesThe Australian public opinion is highly influenced by materials from the media thus KBT can use the mass media to effectively advertise Executive Lady suits. The Australia population is majority Christian with a small minority being of other religions.

In designing the new Executive suits KBT must make sure they are not too revealing. Australia has a total population of 2.1 million with 67.9% between the ages of 15-64 years the target groups for Executive Lady. 2.1.4 Legal FactorsKingsize Big and Tall (KBT) new product must comply with Australian laws regarding the minimum quality a clothing product can have. The Competition and Consumer Act 2010  (CCA) will limit the number of ways KBT can compete and ensure they provide they produce safe apparel in the “ Executive lady product mix” . The Trade and Practices act is also one of the factors that will affect the introduction of the executive lady suits.

The Australian Competition and consumer commission regulations to protect disadvantaged and/or vulnerable from unethical advertising will also affect the new products. 2.1.5 Technological FactorsAustralia has a well-developed telecommunication infrastructure consisting of mobile phone networks, Landline telephony. The communication Network consists of Fiber-optic connectivity and satellite connectivity. 9.37 million Australians have a landline telephone number, while 9.37 million have mobile phones.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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