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The paper "Knowledge Management System Design" is an outstanding example of a marketing essay. As the level of innovation continues to change day in day out Australia’ s automotive industry is constantly in need of substantial design to meet the sophisticated customers’ needs, tastes and preferences. Regulations on safety and matters pertaining to the environment, new methods of selling and over increasing consumer demands exerts pressure for technological innovations in the entire automotive industry. This calls for the effective application of knowledge management techniques for the industry to remain competitive.

This analysis seeks to design a knowledge management system applicable to the Holden motor vehicle manufacturing industry as it’ s one of the most vibrant automobile industries in Australia. The design seeks to address several challenges that face local assemblers and the supplier firms and how the suppliers respond to these challenges (Berggren, 1992). The design puts emphasis on the significance of the national policy that aims at subsidizing automotive industries and technology used in motor vehicle manufacturing. In order for an organization to be in a position to design effective knowledge management systems, it needs to recognize the opportunities for upcoming technologies so as to remain competitive and maintain the pace with other firms in the same industry. 2.

Key Issues from Knowledge Needs Analysis The combination of explicit, tacit and embedded knowledge as earlier outlined at Holden is not sufficient enough without necessary innovations into the organization the perfectly match the knowledge in question. Innovation has been recognized internationally as the driving force for a States’ economic growth – whether it pertains to coming up with new technological advancements or modifying the already existing ones.

However, for the industry to understand the innovation process it should appreciate the factors that lead to development as well as being aware of the factors that inhibit advancements in technological innovations for it to remain competitive (Bradmore, 1990).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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