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The paper 'Holden Company - Knowledge Management System" is a great example of a business case study.   Named after its founder James Alexander Holden, Holden is an Australian car company that has been dominating the market for quite a long period since its inception in 1856. The company has been dominant in its production especially during World War II. The company has been producing improved vehicles after every decade(Holden, 2007). The company strives to create lasting relationships with customers, dealers, communities, employees, union partners, and suppliers to drive its operations to success.

Various environmental challenges are affecting the company both internally and externally. The company has diversified ways of dealing with these challenging situations by overcoming stiff competition produced by some other vehicle manufacturing companies like Toyota. This paper discusses Holden Company, a motor vehicle company that has been in operation for over 50 years. However, the company has recently faced challenges in its production. This paper discusses the background knowledge of this company. The paper looks at the kind of knowledge management system that the company has acquired in order to survive and sustain its operations.

In the end, the paper gives solutions and recommendations for further improvement for this company. Introduction Australian Holden is a motor vehicle manufacturing industry that came into operation in 1856 as a saddler shop. In 1908, it became an automotive industry. In the year 1931, it became a subsidiary of General Motors, a vehicle manufacturing company in the US. The company’ s previous name was GM Holden Limited but the current name is Holden Limited adopted in 2005. The company has its headquarters in Melbourne Victoria in Australia.

The company gained its operation power during World War II and was a major industrial force that contributed to the defence of Australia. Between 1939-1945, the company produced over 30, 000 bodies that were used between the US and Australia in the military during World War II. The company also produced equipment such as car engines, airplanes, guns, boats, and marine engine components during the period. The company’ s good history with GM has enabled the company to take charge of Australian GM operations. The Company was having partial ownership of Daewoo GM in South Korea since 2002-2009.

The company has diversified its production by engaging in the production of much range of vehicles. Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, badge-engineered Chevrolet, and Vauxhall motors are under production with sharing arrangements of Holden Limited Company. It is also reported that Holden is responsible for the distribution of the Opel brand in Australia. Holden managing director Mike Devereux agrees that the company has never been operating under such stiff competition locally hence its desire to intensify diversification(Holden C., 2010). The company is aiming to maintain its 1 million annual sales but the managing director agrees that it is a stiff race with almost 62 companies chasing the spot.

The company also expects to increase its shares in the stock market. The company has managed to forecast the demographic, economic, and environmental challenges like population and urban peak oil demands not forgetting alternative fuel transitions. Methodology This paper reviews the case of Holden Company with its knowledge management system. The paper looks at how the company uses its knowledge to sustain competition. Use of Knowledge management has helped the company to avoid stiff competition from other motor vehicle producers like Toyota.

The paper reviews the various types of knowledge like tacit, embedded, and explicit knowledge that the company uses in its operations.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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