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The paper "Knowledge and Its Management " Is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. Workers especially Technical experts hold crucial knowledge about a firm's operations that can be used to improve the operations of a firm. The use of technical knowledge is sometimes a matter of life and death, especially in a Hazardous working environment. Therefore, it more important to share information in a hazardous work environment as it may save a person’ s life or millions in monetary losses. This report presents background information about knowledge management systems, in the light of Esso Longford Company.

It also provides the knowledge that is present in the company and how it’ s applied in the daily activities of the company. In addition, the present actors of knowledge in the company are highlighted and a conclusion is made based on the recommendations. Introduction The Esso Longford disaster was a catastrophic event in Victoria’ s history that could have been prevented if the plant had employed an appropriate Knowledge management system. The explosion disrupted Gas supply in the entire state of Victoria and led to the injury of many people and two fatalities (Haider 2003).

The plant was used to process gas brought in from the offshore wells in the Bass Strait and also stabilize crude oil. The plant involved a number of chemical processes and reactions used to process the gas to the final product used in Victorian homes. Most of the processes in the company used intense heat mixed with the flammable hydrocarbon products under processing there was always a high possibility of a fire or an explosion in the gas plant. A knowledge management system is a systematic way for organizations to come up with knowledge “ share and apply it to achieve a set objective (Tiwana 1999).

Knowledge management would have enabled the plant to have a large enough knowledge base to prevent the occurrence of the accident since it could have applied knowledge of experts on Hydrocarbons who had worked at the plant since it started operating (Leiter et al 2007). This report investigates how the Longford gas processing plant could have applied a knowledge management system to make the work environment less risky and make sure that operational knowledge in the organization is shared and stored for the future use of the company. Methodology The study will review a case study of the Longford gas exploration and refer to published work to find out the kind of knowledge in the organization's context, how it was used?

and by who? It will also explore a possible KM strategy that the Longford plant could have used to ensure it did not experience safety problems. Discussions What is the knowledge in the case study? Knowledge management (KM) entails initiating knowledge to the optimum person and at the right time.

Knowledge here is about the organization's environmental management strategies that might impact negatively the running of the organization (Haider 2003). It involves corporate strategy understanding where and in what kind the knowledge in the organization exists, creating processes that with enable the organization to function and ensure that all the knowledge is understood by all members of the organization. Sometimes, KM involves creating new knowledge but in most cases it involves knowledge distribution, refinement, and storage. In some cases, knowledge is acquired from past experiences in the organization so that they put in place measures to curb certain situations from happening (Oppong, Yen & Merhout, 2005).


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