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The paper 'Knowledge Management Strategy' is a great example of a Management Case Study. A powerful Knowledge Management improves the organization’ s productivity, as the staff becomes more committed to their work. At Nestle Australian Limited Company, KM is viewed as one major component of the company’ s success. In today’ s world of business, there two types of approaches that are used in developing KM programs (Bhatt, 2002). This includes the bottom-up approach and a top-down approach. On the other hand, implementing KM inappropriately will result in the creation of a gap regarding the company strategy and knowledge management.

Therefore, this paper focuses on exploring and discussing the application and the analysis of KM strategies at the Nestle Australia limited Company. Over the past years, organizations are facing endless increasing challenges. The challenges are either brought by the change in the marketplace or the nature of the workplace. Therefore, many organizations are focusing on applying Knowledge Management (KM) so as to address these encounters (Maier, & Remus, 2003). The initiative of applying KM in the organization usually starts with the development of the Knowledge Management strategy.

Besides, for an organization to be successful in applying KM strategy, the organization should not only focus on highlighting the high-level goals. But then again, it should focus on identifying the major needs and requirements within the company and delivers the framework to be used in addressing such needs and requirements. As such, as one of the most successful organizations across the globe, Nestle Limited Company has embarked on the application of the KM strategy so as to achieve its significant objectives. In this context, the company has identified the need for applying the Knowledge Management strategy as an approach to ensure company growth and as well as attaining its benefits.

Knowledge Management will mainly address issues such as communication, employees, supporting innovations among others (Maier, & Remus, 2003). At Nestle Company, there has been substantial in each department regarding the process of implementing the KM strategy. Furthermore, the application of the KM field at the Nestle Australia Limited Company benefits the company in different ways. As such, the company is in the position to increase customer satisfaction, retain its values in the market, allow the employees to learn effectively, and obtain an improved return on people’ s investment.


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