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The paper 'Organization Development and Change' is a great example of a Management Essay. Knowledge management (KM) refers to the process of effectively and efficiently using organizational knowledge for better and improved performance and decision making. The structure requires that knowledge and information in the organization be captured, codified, and be effectively shared to improve the performance and profitability of the organization. It is a multi-disciplinary approach where decisions are made purposely using the knowledge available for the different departments in the organization. Since the development of the knowledge management and organizational learning theories in the early ’ 90s, most organizations including but not limited to public institutions, large companies, government divisions, and non-profit making organizations have dedicated a sizeable amount of resources to promote the internal knowledge management efforts. Scholars believe that knowledge management is a discipline that differentiates between the performances of the different organizations.

KM involves planning, control of the people, processes, and systems, organization, and the motivation of stakeholders in the organization. It is done to ensure that there is proper management of resources in the organization and to ensure that the assets are put into maximum usage in the organization.

The term KM was developed to promote the management of the assets of the organization. As research continues to be made on the KM theory and its practice, the adaptability approaches used by different organizations usually vary. The discipline as been developed to include such perspectives as the ecological perspective, the technocentric perspective, and the organizational perspective. Regardless of the perspective taken by the organization, the major components that determine the success of the component are the processes, organizational culture, and structure of the organization, people, and technology. The paper 'Organization Development and Change' is a great example of a Management Essay.

Knowledge management typically works in line with the objectives of the organization. It helps to promote innovations, improved organizational performance, creating a competitive advantage for the organization, integration of better processes, and sharing of lessons learned for the continuous improvement of the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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