Essays on Knowledge Management: North Bridge Model Train Shop Assignment

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The paper "Knowledge Management: North Bridge Model Train Shop" is a great example of an assignment on management. In any organization, there is a need to provide an evidence-based assessment of the organization's needs, which will try and focus on knowledge management efforts. This will enable the organization to identify its knowledge management needs, strengths, weakness, and other opportunities. This essay will identify the knowledge preparedness of two organizations. Case study one: Northbridge model train shop. Q. 1a. It's metadata policy that is conducted by the organization is holistic where its website contains a lot of photographs of railway related materials.

Its systematic approach to documentation is said to be mature it has annotated the Dublin core to permit intelligence harvesting of its site. Its ontology is preferably done with conformance of the industry standard. The organization is self-aware of its needs in the industry it is able to establish linkages to cater for customers and also its statement of needs is clear which enables it to operate at a given level. The organizations have a self-aware way of naming and chosen custody for documents it caters to only a short period needs of the organization.

Lastly, the organization does not have a distinctive process of decision-making structure of how the organization is run or how documentation is carried out in the organization, based on these we can say that the organization is self-aware on such process. Q. 1b. It is appropriate to identify the knowledge needs, inventory and analyze the knowledge map for the organization these can be done by doing knowledge audit based on certain features. The organization is well established with 30 years of experience but lacks an ontological structure of its processes.

The business majorly relying on the net for the majority of its transactions and flow of information, it has become part of its dependent knowledge management system which makes it dependent on the external links. The areas that are key and need to be researched on is on the flow of communication, security, and custodies of data within the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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