Essays on Knowledge Management in Technology Annotated Bibliography

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The paper "Knowledge Management in Technology" is a perfect example of a management annotated bibliography. Today, technology plays a crucial role in the way people engage in various Knowledge management tasks. Various forms of technology determine the efficiency in which knowledge is managed and utilized in the organizational setting (Odom & Starns 2003, p. 26). There is a continuous need for knowledge management activities to be integrated into the modern organization through the use of technology. Although different types of technologies inspire knowledge management practices in different ways, they do not necessarily facilitate such practices (Massey, Montoya-Weiss & Holcom 2001, p.

163). The approaches adopted in this undertaking are largely to blame for this failure. This annotated bibliography highlights various aspects that researchers have focused on in efforts to show the role of technology in facilitating knowledge management activities. In the first article, Edwards, Shaw, & Collier (2005) focus on ‘ how to find a way with technology using knowledge management systems. In the second article, Malhotra (2005) focuses on how information technology is used in knowledge management. The third paper is by Wagner (2004), which focuses on Wiki technology and its use in conversational knowledge management.

The fifth article is by Wagner (2004) who focuses on the e-learning aspects of knowledge management, based on a book review. Title and reference of the article Edwards, J, Shaw, D, & Collier, P, 2005, ‘ Knowledge management systems: Finding a way with technology, Journal Of Knowledge Management, Vol. 9 No. 1 pp. 113-125. Type of article Research article Aim/purpose of the article The aim of the research was to assess the role that technology plays in knowledge management within the organization in terms of both the actual roles and desired roles. sample, location, method of data collection and analysis [methodology] The sample of 78 randomly selected works from 10 different organizations.

Data was collected using Facilitated and computer-supported group workshops. They involved 78 people who worked from ten different organizations. The data collected was analyzed by reviewing the current state of knowledge management in the organization in order to develop a future action plan.                    


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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