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Assignment: The Creation and Marketing of a Platform for Web Based Knowledge Management Knowledge management has been considered a key part of a business and uses a number of different components such as data conversion, organization and online knowledge. It can often provide a competitive advantage for companies. This assignment focuses on a news article regarding the production of new type of platform for content management. The company Percussion has released a content management platform that allows users to work on completely custom web content management (WCM) within a single package.

From a knowledge management perspective the implications of this are large, the package will allow businesses complete control over their online content and resources, as well as giving them capacities for social networking at the company level, methods of deploying sites faster and of advanced blogging. Their product is known as CM1 Version 2 and it is the first product of its kind. This gives Percussion a large advantage in the competitive market, as the product offers a combination of many features that businesses desire within a single package at a competitive price.

The internet is fast becoming integrated into every form of business, and is one of the most effective mediums for sharing information, reaching new and current clients, and managing every aspect of a business. Using the internet effectively has become crucial and there are many different aspects of this. In many cases businesses will employ firms to do some or many of these functions for them, having to contact the firm again each time an update or revision is needed. An example of this is the trend of using external companies to produce the website for a business.

One of the key features of CM1 is that it uses a easy to use interface that focuses on dragging and dropping, allowing the creation of websites as well as their upgrading and maintenance all from the same platform. In addition, the platform already has built in functions for social content such as Twitter or Facebook, as well as third party applications and detailed blogging functions. The design of the product makes crosslinking between different sections of the website simple as well as reusing content from one part of the website to another.

These functions are important in knowledge management, as they provide the ability for the company to create most or all of their web-based content internally, updating it at a moment’s notice without the need for specialized knowledge. As well as the release of the product itself, Percussion has also introduced detailed training and support. For the 90 days following purchase of the product, users are given complete access to experts with the software, who are able to answer any question.

The article argues on the importance of knowledge management in business through the release of a new platform that allows businesses to expand their repertoire of online functions and website development. It argues that the use of knowledge management can used as a competitive advantage for businesses helping them to expand their business through the platform of the internet. This assignment has shown how important knowledge management is, and how creating websites can be of a competitive advantage to businesses as it provides an effective method of sharing information across clients.


Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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